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Around the Traps…

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Amy Winehouse is still alive (just) and has punched a punter at Glastonbury. It is alleged that the fan grabbed Ms Winehouse’s tit and she acted in self defence. My question is; who would want to touch Amy Winehouse’s boob – that’s where cooties and hepatitis-c comes from. Ewww. 

Euphonic are a bunch of kids outta Sydney that go pretty rockingly good and they happen to be on tour over the next few months (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Yamba, Melbourne, Geelong, Wollongong, Sydney, Bathurst, Newcastle, Wyong, Canberra).

Wander on over to their myspace page, download their current single Headspace, listen to their other tunes, and catch them as they come to a pub near you.

Billy Corgan has recently appeared on stage with Cheap Trick as they did their 2nd annual tribute to the Beatles Sgt. Peppers… album at L.A.’s Hollywood Bowl. Yeah – I’m a bit lost too. I’m sure there is a reason that is all coming together – could be a sign of the apocalypse, could be that LSD is back in vogue – your guess is as good as mine.


Tori Amos has a 400+ page comic-book coming out titled ‘Comic Book Tattoo’. Why? Who knows?

Apparently the stories are based on the songstress’s tunes and features artwork from fairly well known artists: Pia Guerra (Y the Last Man), Mike Dringenberg (Sandman), and David Mack (Daredevil, Kabuki) among others. It has been a well known fact that Tori has been off with the fairies for some time now and I guess it makes sense that someone has put her in a collection of fairy tales.

It does look pretty cool though…

Comic Book Tattoo Tales Inspired by Tori Amos


Anyone remember Mandy Kane? No? Let me refresh your memory.

He is essentially Australia’s low rent version of Marilyn Manson. So much so that he actually opened for the shock rocker on MM’s 2003 Aus tour.

His career highlight thus far is probably his cover of Duran Duran’s ‘Ordinary World’ on the One Perfect Day soundtrack.

Well, long story short, Mr Kane has a new album out, ‘Far From Oblivion.’
Ironically, as far as the Australian music scene is concerned, Mandy Kane is exactly dead smack in the middle of oblivion.



Hall & Oates & Chromeo!

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Okay now calm down people, but yes, more rumours are surfacing that the two great purveyors of delicious synth pop and mo’s are collaborating!

I really can’t think of anything better in the world than these guys together in the one studio, trying to make the next “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)”.

Now if things can’t get any better, production has just finished on a cartoon based on John Oates moustache. Yes, you heard right, J-Stache will be on air soon and it’s based on John Oates moustache having a life of it’s own and wanting to get back into the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. 

I cant believe no one hadn’t thought of this sooner!

Written by tipaklon

June 30, 2008 at 10:22 am

Not Enough Material on the Girl

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Dear Madonna,

Please put some pants on.

No one wanted to see you thrust your cunt at the camera ten years ago. No one wants to see it now.

We all know you have a pretty amazing body, for an old bitch, thanks to whatever pseudo religious/spiritual fitness regime you happen to be practicing this week, but for the love of god – put it away!

I know you were considerably younger when it happened, but don’t you remember the leather and fishnet debacle that was Cher’s ‘Turn Back Time’ video clip from 1988? Old women + leotard = no no no no no no!!!

But what do we see? Your latest album (what I can only imagine is a remake of Counting Crows’ 2002 album, ‘Hard Candy’) has you on the cover wearing what could possibly be WWE ring attire, mouth suggestively open and legs akimbo so your womanhood is featured front and centre.

I understand you want to look and feel sexy – but it is still possible to do so while wearing clothes.

Those ‘dances’ you’re doing too aren’t helping you either. The ‘Hung Up’ video clip comes to mind. Then there’s that bewilderment of a song with Justin Timberlake ‘4 Minutes’ which clocks in at a confusing 4.04 minutes in length.

I think whoever assigned Brittney a therapist has also assigned Madds a stylist.

Put it away – please.

Written by tragicether

June 30, 2008 at 7:51 am

Why staying at home is for communists…

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Thursday 03/07/08Little Pictures and Popolice @ Bar 32.

Saturday 19/07/08Snowman and Baseball @ Transit Bar (LNAP Approved! This gig will be shit hot…)

Saturday 26/07/08Cut Off Your Hands @ Transit Bar (Again, this will be fucking awesome)

Saturday 30/07/08Rocket Science @ Greenroom

That’s it?!!!

Seriously Canberra, get your shit together! There are a few other gigs that “might” be worthwhile… Hell City Glamours, Gyroscope (just to hear Doctor! Doctor! but I’m not paying for one song. That’s all I did at BDO. Was walking past their stage on the way to get ready for Shy Child and heard that and ran in, danced like it was 2004 and then left again). Keep your ears and eyes out for other gigs that get announced because I’ll be pretty lazy at this stuff.

Also, I’m putting in my two cents and saying Nine Inch Nails for 2009 BDO.

Whitehead Bursts Onto Music Scene – Pus Everywhere

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What makes an uninteresting TV host think he should pursue a singing career? Who the hell knows, but the unfortunately acne-esque named, Axle Whitehead thinks the world (or at least Australia) needs its very own half arsed Chris Martin, by releasing the single ‘I Don’t Do Surprises’ from his forthcoming album ‘Losing Sleep.’

He is right though – the song is no surprise. It’s the kind of general radio friendly steaming pile of disposable commercial tripe that few people, who aren’t either giggly 16 year old girls or 45 year old women entertaining hopeless toy-boy fantasies, will bother with.

Is the Australian Recording industry so insecure about itself that it has to wait until someone is in the public eye enough that they will ‘risk’ a recording contract?

Have some balls and get out to the pubs and clubs of this great brown land of ours and have a look at some of the kids that leave a pint of blood on stage every Friday and Saturday night, then roll the dice and sign some of them!

I don’t fucking care if they’re pop singers or boy-bands or metal heads or dance acts or hardcore punks or whatever – but don’t insult our collective intelligence by constructing and force feeding us manufactured flavourless music by ‘artists’ without the runs on the board.

Written by tragicether

June 30, 2008 at 4:52 am

“Red Flower Pot Hats”

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Uh, by that do you think they mean Energy Domes?

My money is on Devo, and why shouldn’t it be? The guy is called Jihad Jerry for christ’s sake! In our Western Muslimphobic world, we should be scared of such a man, despite him being an elderly, white, bass player from Ohio. New Wave Nigel? Make me a Jihad Jerry doll!

Anyone notice my religion pun? I didn’t until then either.

Seriously though, if anyone has one of these dolls and doesn’t want it and would prefer a guy in Australia has it instead, e-mail me at saimagery at gmail dot com.

Do it.

My daily Pitchfork read showed me this video by the amazing man Nick Cave and Grinderman. Now that we’re well into 2008, I can safely say that this album was the best album in 2007 for me. I’ve stopped listening to All My Friends, haven’t listened to The Great Destroyer in ages,  and only re-discovered my love affair with Deerhunter when they were announced as support for Nine Inch Nails. However, I’ve never stopped listening to this. The original video here.

Also, that Grinderman site is a fantastic racket. What noise!


EDIT: Another glaring mistake I found today. Spike Jonze joint? Wrong. Check out the rest of them though, and then buy the Directors Label Series DVD’s (or borrow them off your film school friend who will have them).

Pre – Epic Fits

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How this album compares to sex with Paris Hilton…

– Even though it might be fun during the act, you kinda feel like you’ve seen it all before.

– Before it happens, you’re pretty excited, but afterwards, you feel a bit underwhelmed.

– It can be repetitive, and sometimes seems like a one trick pony.

– It’s energetic, it’s even fun at times, but you’re tired at the end of it.

– You wouldn’t tell everyone about it, certainly not your parents, but there’d be some people you’d definitely tell, nay, brag to about it.

– It’s shorter than the usual thing.

– 256 people got it before I did.

– <insert joke about steel emotionless box>

The one thing this doesn’t have over the socialite is that too many people know about her, and not enough know about these guys. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the greatest album ever, but it’s not bad either. The reports of them live are pretty damn good too, so that’d be a lot of fun if they ever came to Australia.

68 council wheelie bins out of 100

Buy it.

Written by saimagery

June 26, 2008 at 11:44 am

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