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One and a half decades, millions of dollars in any currency, corn rows, band members coming and going to the point where it seems an original lineup reunion is even likely (thankyou Scott Weiland), Dr Pepper, leaked tracks, and now the FBIChinese Democracy is still as laughable as ever.

I’ll buy it though. Actually, only if every song is like this. Fuck, that original version in the background is AWFUL. Maybe I won’t buy it.

Standing on bright green amps is awesome! I should start skating again just for this sort of stuff…

These photos are rad. Check out the Presets and Muse photos for something a bit different to what we in Australia see of these bands (Muse on a tiny stage?)… If only I could link straight to the one of Kim and Julian and the ‘No Dancing” sign in the background… You go find it!

Is anyone trying to sell a turntable? I have way too much vinyl and nothing to play it on. The free-er the better.

Insight last night had a good program about censorship and photography. Anything with David Marr is good as far as I’m concerned.

Things sounds better with earplugs. I’ve read a fair few reviews around the place, and I’m hoping for a tour announcement asap… Really hoping.


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  1. hahaha fuck me he is a joke, yo did u check out tame impala? u will dig

    Hall and Oates

    June 25, 2008 at 5:45 am

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