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Free Music!

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Because it’s all about the theiving

Addendum: Whilst trawling blogs for anything else of note, Bawley already beat me to the above post. Theiving indeed… Good blog though.

Kanye does a Josh Homme. Dude, lay off the caps lock.

Saw the ice series at the NGV Australia on the weekend. I really like them, but it reminded me a lot of this at the same time…

Lemur it up! Pity it costs about $3500-4000… It controls lights too! LIGHTS!

Always been quite the fan of Monster Children, often due to this guy. Granted, most jobs appear better to those not doing them, but I’d want his job.

Also saw this in Melbourne. It’s all about “Untitled #10” (Second from the right, middle row, I think…)

The more I look at photo blogs though, the more I think pretty much everyone is trying to be Terry Richardson.

Thank god this guy is sticking to Sydney, or else I’d have no reason to keep writing…

Tipaklon lived up to his psuedonym and tipped me off about this guy. It took only one week before we linked to ourselves… Better tag ourselves then too right?

Maybe tonight I’ll finally get around to listening to some new CD’s and then review them.

Then again, maybe not. Probably should. We could do with some original material on here.


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  1. hahaha loving that sydney website, thats one angry blogger!

    Hall and Oates

    June 26, 2008 at 8:22 am

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