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“Red Flower Pot Hats”

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Uh, by that do you think they mean Energy Domes?

My money is on Devo, and why shouldn’t it be? The guy is called Jihad Jerry for christ’s sake! In our Western Muslimphobic world, we should be scared of such a man, despite him being an elderly, white, bass player from Ohio. New Wave Nigel? Make me a Jihad Jerry doll!

Anyone notice my religion pun? I didn’t until then either.

Seriously though, if anyone has one of these dolls and doesn’t want it and would prefer a guy in Australia has it instead, e-mail me at saimagery at gmail dot com.

Do it.

My daily Pitchfork read showed me this video by the amazing man Nick Cave and Grinderman. Now that we’re well into 2008, I can safely say that this album was the best album in 2007 for me. I’ve stopped listening to All My Friends, haven’t listened to The Great Destroyer in ages,  and only re-discovered my love affair with Deerhunter when they were announced as support for Nine Inch Nails. However, I’ve never stopped listening to this. The original video here.

Also, that Grinderman site is a fantastic racket. What noise!


EDIT: Another glaring mistake I found today. Spike Jonze joint? Wrong. Check out the rest of them though, and then buy the Directors Label Series DVD’s (or borrow them off your film school friend who will have them).


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