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Amy Winehouse is still alive (just) and has punched a punter at Glastonbury. It is alleged that the fan grabbed Ms Winehouse’s tit and she acted in self defence. My question is; who would want to touch Amy Winehouse’s boob – that’s where cooties and hepatitis-c comes from. Ewww. 

Euphonic are a bunch of kids outta Sydney that go pretty rockingly good and they happen to be on tour over the next few months (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Yamba, Melbourne, Geelong, Wollongong, Sydney, Bathurst, Newcastle, Wyong, Canberra).

Wander on over to their myspace page, download their current single Headspace, listen to their other tunes, and catch them as they come to a pub near you.

Billy Corgan has recently appeared on stage with Cheap Trick as they did their 2nd annual tribute to the Beatles Sgt. Peppers… album at L.A.’s Hollywood Bowl. Yeah – I’m a bit lost too. I’m sure there is a reason that is all coming together – could be a sign of the apocalypse, could be that LSD is back in vogue – your guess is as good as mine.


Tori Amos has a 400+ page comic-book coming out titled ‘Comic Book Tattoo’. Why? Who knows?

Apparently the stories are based on the songstress’s tunes and features artwork from fairly well known artists: Pia Guerra (Y the Last Man), Mike Dringenberg (Sandman), and David Mack (Daredevil, Kabuki) among others. It has been a well known fact that Tori has been off with the fairies for some time now and I guess it makes sense that someone has put her in a collection of fairy tales.

It does look pretty cool though…

Comic Book Tattoo Tales Inspired by Tori Amos


Anyone remember Mandy Kane? No? Let me refresh your memory.

He is essentially Australia’s low rent version of Marilyn Manson. So much so that he actually opened for the shock rocker on MM’s 2003 Aus tour.

His career highlight thus far is probably his cover of Duran Duran’s ‘Ordinary World’ on the One Perfect Day soundtrack.

Well, long story short, Mr Kane has a new album out, ‘Far From Oblivion.’
Ironically, as far as the Australian music scene is concerned, Mandy Kane is exactly dead smack in the middle of oblivion.



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  1. […] highlight thus far is probably his cover of Duran Duran’s ‘Ordinary World’ on … Source: Around the Traps… Who Would Be A Worse Mom? Paris or Lindsey? Vote Now And Get A Free iPhone. Marilyn Manson Used […]

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