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Why staying at home is for communists…

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Thursday 03/07/08Little Pictures and Popolice @ Bar 32.

Saturday 19/07/08Snowman and Baseball @ Transit Bar (LNAP Approved! This gig will be shit hot…)

Saturday 26/07/08Cut Off Your Hands @ Transit Bar (Again, this will be fucking awesome)

Saturday 30/07/08Rocket Science @ Greenroom

That’s it?!!!

Seriously Canberra, get your shit together! There are a few other gigs that “might” be worthwhile… Hell City Glamours, Gyroscope (just to hear Doctor! Doctor! but I’m not paying for one song. That’s all I did at BDO. Was walking past their stage on the way to get ready for Shy Child and heard that and ran in, danced like it was 2004 and then left again). Keep your ears and eyes out for other gigs that get announced because I’ll be pretty lazy at this stuff.

Also, I’m putting in my two cents and saying Nine Inch Nails for 2009 BDO.


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