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Magentaline – NIN if you’re wasted!

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Magentaline are a Melbournian quartet who have had some limited success. Their debut EP, The Regime, was good enough to catch the attention of an American label who released is as a sampler cd with a Swedish band. Since then, they’ve toured Australia a little and headed back into the studio to record a follow up, and managed to catch the attention of my hot little ears.

I liked what I heard and LNaP was fortunate enough to catch up with Magentaline bassist, Adam, as the band emerged triumphiant from the studio recording their new album, Vices.


Loud Noise and Pictures: For those that may be unfamiliar with Magentaline, how would you describe yourselves?
Ads: Honest, passionate, catchy, rock with pop melodies and harmonies. We like spicy chicken wings, playing 31 and wine.

LNaP: How did the band form/how did you guys first meet?
Ads: We pretty much formed out of drunken nights talking shit about starting a band. Then replacing a singer/guitarist with a much better singer/guitarist – but not as good shit talker!

LNaP: Where do you draw your influences from and how does that translate into your music?
Ads: Lyrically songs are influenced by our day to day lives I guess. Unintentionally the songs on our new EP deal with different vices in people we meet, love or hypocritically in ourselves (hence the title Vices).
Musically I think we are mostly influenced by mid nineties emo-rock band such as Jimmy Eat World, The Get Up Kids, Hey Mercedes and aussie bands such as Bodyjar, Motor Ace etc.
We find most people say we don’t sound like one band in particular but name a bunch of bands that usually we love, except one time this girl thought we sounded like Nine Inch Nails, I think she must have been wasted.

LNaP: What kind of response did you get to your debut EP, The Regime, and how has the band’s profile changed as a result?
Ads: Yeah we got a pretty good response, when we put out the EP we were pretty much unknown. It led to us getting some great support spots and some pretty good reviews.
I mean we are still reasonably unknown but now people other than our friends come to our shows!

LNaP: The Regime was released with tracks from, Swedish band, Promise Divine as a sampler CD, on an American label, titled ‘All That Glitters’. Has this meant you now have a bit of an international following?
Ads: To be honest I’m not even really that sure. The label just approached us to be on a sampler which led to them getting some great feedback from local U.S radio so they put the EP out on a split with this fun Swedish band, Promise Devine. That’s the best thing about the internet/myspace, that people can hear your music all over the world these days.

LNaP: Has there been a change in direction from your previous EP to the new one, and when can we expect to see it out in stores?
Ads: Not so much a change in direction but just better songwriting. I’d like to think we are better musicians and better songwriters than a couple years ago and we have experienced so much in that time. It’s more dynamic and interesting, although that said we were really proud of “The Regime” when it came out. It should be in good indie stores the first week of September, we are just finishing off artwork at the moment.

LNaP: You’ve supported such acts as Motion City Soundtrack, Bodyjar, Blue Line Medic and Trial Kennedy, how did those audiences respond to the Magentaline sound?
Ads: Yeah pretty well I think. It’s always difficult supporting international acts when you have a small profile as no on is there to see you, you just got to play the best you can and hopefully some people will dig it. We sold a bunch of merch at the MCS show so I guess that is a good sign!

LNaP: Are there any plans to tour in support of the new EP? Are there any upcoming shows we should be aware of, and what can we expect at a Magentaline show?
Ads: Definitely! We can’t wait to get back on the road again. The Melbourne EP launch is October 3rd at the Arthouse in Melbourne. We love playing there as we all grew up seeing our favourite bands there and we have played there so many times. Should be some East Coast dates following that, we will put them up when confirmed on http://www.myspace.com/magentaline

LNaP: If Magentaline was a bad 80’s sitcom what would it be?
Ads: Probably saved by the bell. Tom would be Mr Bellding, Doobes would be Screech, Brett would be Slater and I would be Zac (only cause I want to hook up with Kelly)



More Cowbell!


“Wires on Fire” New Single = *gang symbols*

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Wires on Fire, arguably the best LA rock band to ever release a self-titled album called ‘Wires on Fire”, has a new 7″ out with two tracks yanked from the recording sessions for their new album. It’s limited to 500, so I’m getting mine tomorrow when my week hits ‘payday’, and did I mention it comes with a free MP3 download of the tracks?

Speaking of Mikey Shoes, when the hell is Jubilee releasing their album?

Anyways… Nine Inch Nails have their concert in Calgary happening RIGHT NOW! Crystal Castles are playing as I type this, and the photoblog is doing it’s thing, so time to refresh like a crazy man!

Written by saimagery

July 30, 2008 at 2:22 am

One Day As A Lion EP – Review

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Now, how do you review Zack de la Rocha’s new project (with Jon Theodore from The Mars Volta on drums) without mentioning the proverbial elephant in the room screaming out ‘FUCK YOU I WON’T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME!”?

By ignoring it completely, or at least trying to. Hmmm… Let’s see if I can do it!

So, One Day As A Lion (the EP), which can be made into an acronym quite easily like many other band names, is basically a really lo-fi sounding, gritty little 5-track EP that surprised the hell out of me. I mean, Zack sings. Holy shit, what is up with that? His lyrics (rhymes? I’m white, forgive me) are still as politically charged as ever, if not a little more refined in their delivery. ODaaL (the EP, not the band (or the song on the EP either)) is like a syringe compared to the baseball bat that was uh, Zack’s other work.

There’s another guy in the band? Holy shit! Jon Theodore totally slays the kit on this EP. One thing that sets this apart from your typical beat/rap sound is his drums. Taking the pow-, uh, sound, back to a powerful two piece. Think The Black Keys, only angrier and less guitars. About the same amount of hair though. Depends on Dan Auerbach’s facial hair situation. Anyways, the beats are fucking rad. Be impressed, or know your enemy (that doesn’t even make sense!).

One other thing I have failed to mention is that if you liked Grinderman and The Good, The Bad, & The Queen based solely on the fact that you can listen to them on your iPod and have the same name for artist/album/song, you’ll love these guys. Seriously, if that isn’t enough reason to fork out the $10, then I don’t know what else you need. A bullet in the head?

It’s a great little CD though. Good amounts of noise, you’ll be banging your head along straight away, barking out de la Rocha’s rhymes. Buy it, stop being shit.

Speaking of shit, don’t reunite a band and call it ‘the right time to do it’ considering the President you hate so much is leaving in a year regardless. Rage Against The Machine (dammit!) broke up in 2000, at the start of Bush’s term, and then reunited in 2007, almost at the end??! Guys, you missed the whole thing and 3 of you filled it up with the a-pathetic Audioslave! DIE!!!11

If Zack did one of these a year or so, it’d shit over anything RATM would put out. Just saying, and I love their old stuff. You know, like everyone. Ever.

84 wasted comebacks out of 100.

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July 29, 2008 at 1:11 pm

Violent Soho at Transit Bar 26/07/08

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I have been out of bed for about 3 hours (it’s 4pm), been awake, per se, for maybe 2 of those listening to Battles, One Day as a Lion, and Black Mountain (reviews of those last two sometime this week). The afternoon is full of plans involving bbq shapes, The Wire (that crazy dude in the bowtie is back), and Milo. Good times a’plenty!

Last night involved The Magic Hands, Violent Soho, and Cut Off Your Hands.

Magic Hands are a few local uni kids I first saw at a house party in maybe Feb? They seem to be taking the place of Hancock Basement as the local support for any minor band likely to score a writeup in NME that does a date in Canberra. Now, they’re not bad, just slightly repetitive. The indie kids were out in force at the front of the stage though, so that can’t be bad.

Replace the scarfs, singlets, haircuts, and tambourines of Magic Hands to the leathers, Ramones tees,  flannelette shirts (in a grunge way, rather than a flashback way), and loooooong fucking hair, and you get Violent Soho.

Holy shit. Indie music and off beat hats were literally blown out the fucking door once these guys started. Channeling grunge, punk rock, and ‘beat-my-head-against-the-wall-one-more-time‘ hardcore, hair was flying, beer was spilling and people were moshing ala 1992. Oh, it was fantastic. Even the indie kids, when faced with forcing their way out of the packed out Transit to go somewhere else in the freezing cold to dance, got right into it.

Towards the end of the set Nick from Cut Off Your Hands came up, and whilst I started wetting my man-panties in hopes of a duet/guest spot, he was gone just as quickly. Lead singer of Violent Soho then announced that COYH wouldn’t be playing due to illness. Bit of a downer… But hey, Violent Soho played a few extra, so not all bad.

The amount of people who lined up, and were still filing into Transit when I left 20mins after Violent Soho left must have been disappointed. Still, how were they to know? Hell, even my friend who watched Violent Soho kept telling me COYH would be even better than them. Meh.

In closing: Violent Soho = awesome. Sleep = lengthy. Cadel = anticlimax. Omar = badarse.

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July 27, 2008 at 6:38 am

Kids, Cats and Cringe.

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Hang me out to dry cos The Cold War Kids have a new album landing September 8, titled Loyalty to Loyalty. The track listing is thus:
1. Against Privacy
2. Mexican Dogs
3. Every Valley Is Not A Lake
4. Something Is Not Right With Me
5. Welcome To The Occupation
6. Golden Gate Jumpers
7. Avalanche in B
8. I`ve Seen Enough
9. Every Man I Fall For
10. Dreams Old Men Dream
11. On The Night My Love Broke Through
12. Relief
13. Cryptomnesia

The song Something is Not Right With Me is available to download from their website. The Kids’ website is so simple its cool. Black and white everything, simple fonts – its quite stunning. Which is in direct contrast to The Stray Cats website.

Every colour of the rainbow and layouts so 1998 that you’re not sure if they’re being ironically retro or or just have hoplessly bad taste and design skills. Either way, Brian Setzer and the boys are headed this way with their rockabilly goodness, because, aparently, we demanded it! Ticket details are listed here

 If thats not your cup of tea, then have a go at this; Metallica’s track listing for their new album Death Magnetic as posted to some website before being hastily removed.

“That Was Just Your Life”
“The End Of The Line”
“Broken, Beat & Scarred”
“The Day That Never Comes”
“All Nightmare Long”
“The Unforgiven III”
“The Judas Kiss”
“Suicide & Redemption”
“My Apocalypse”

Yes kids thats right! The Unforgiven III. The song that was pretty good on their black album, then re-worked and released as the not so good The Unforgiven II on their Re-Load album.
Other names for the song they were toying with were Unforgiven Forever, Unforgiven Back In Training, Return of the Unforgiven, Unforgiven Revolutions, The Unforgiven Ultimatum and The Unforgiven: Dead Mans Chest. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the metal aisle of the music shop, James Hetfield and the boys go and drag this old chestnut out for another re-working. Or you could wait for the new Guitar Hero Game which will feature Broken Beat & Scarred.

Hmmm. Less Cowbell!


Dizzee and Calvin

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When I first heard about Dizzee Rascal and Calvin Harris collaborating, I thought to myself ‘this is going to be as shit as when The Killers and Lou Reed got together’. That collaboration was about as good as having the dilemma of shitting and throwing up at the same time.







Thankfully this team-up is better!
After a few listens this is pretty fizzle dizzle, probably Dizzee’s first real crack at the mainstream, but he comes away with dignity still intact, a rare feat these days.


Check the clip …………. here!


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July 25, 2008 at 11:07 am

No sex for…………………

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Ben. Gee poor bloke.


No sex for Ben is the title for the new The Rapture single, which they have recorded specifically for the new Grand Theft Auto game.

The Rapture are the best at capturing fiercely grooved based tunes and this is no exception. A killer thumping bass line and every spare cowbell used to great effect, along with great orgasm like beatboxing. If you wanna hear poor ol’ Ben not getting any action, the song is up on The Rapture’s myspace page.

Killer tune for a killer game!

Written by tipaklon

July 25, 2008 at 8:00 am