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Snowman – The Horse, The Rat, and The Swan (Review) + MORE!

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Not only do these guys make good music, but they have good art direction. Winnar!

The Horse, The Rat, and The Swan is probably my local album of the year. Big call, I know, but seriously, this thing is epic. Spooky as hell in parts, the album brings in some awesome sounds to the mix. First track Our Mother (She Remembers) has some awesome distorted string action harking back to Touched off Loveless by My Bloody Valentine, and anyone who reads this knows I hold a great big euphimistic candle for those guys, so Snowman, you get points for that.

First single (and second track, just to be all chronological and shit), We Are The Plague, begins with a banging rhythm, then some soft ‘coos’ come in, some unintelligible lyrics join that, more coos, reverb-ed out guitars, more lyrics (only a bit more recognisable as English), and still the same beat, just in case you hadn’t figured out that this song is trying to repeatedly bash your head in to steal your mind and eventually your soul. So I guess, don’t mess with this song, because it’s the supernatural Patrick Bateman of songs. God that book was graphic. Rats anyone? Segue! Alright!

Other tracks worth losing your shit over are Daniel Was A Timebomb, The Horse [Parts 1 and 2] (which is THE most epic of epic songs on this album in my opinion), The Gods of the Upperhouse… actually, if I keep doing this, I’ll name every song on the album, so just get the album. Downloading is for 15yr olds anyway. 

91/100 Belinda Neal coverups.

In other news, Cut Copy (via Modular‘s weekly newsletter) has gone and got Hearts on Fire remixed by Midnight Juggernauts and you (yes, you!) can download ‘this’ 80’s synth and samples explosion for FREE!! Click me! Is ‘this’ the Juggies remix though? In my iTunes it’s says the Joakim remix. Am I stupid and missing a psuedonym? Possibly. Anyways, I’m not the biggest fan of the remix, but then again, I didn’t like Hearts on Fire to begin with. Nathan will hate me for saying that.

Also on the Modular newsletter was this picture:

If that doesn’t scream “Awesome facial hair!”, not much does. Unless we’re talking these guys. If only I could grow a healthy rug as opposed to the 1970’s council housing carpet I have on my face. Rancid.

AC/DC are also releasing some DVD’s of their old school concerts soon. I’m talking Madison Square Garden and the like. I’d link you, but I heard this from that ‘real world’ place you’ve heard about. Anyway, I only tell you this because when they are released, you might want to steer clear of K Mart and Aldi as all the bogans buy up the cheap DVD players. On the plus side, there will be a whole stack of perfectly usable VHS players in your local tip soon for those of us who still have those old tapes of Rage sitting in their house. Add this to their new album, and you get a whole lot of apathy from me. Not enough to NOT write about it though.

Coincidentally, Snowman’s We Are The Plague is indie clip of the week on Rage, so hit it up.

This guy takes amazing photos. He’s also moving to Australia soon, so expect some localised content, and someone should hook him up with all the photo passes he needs, because seriously, look at those photos! Wowie!

I know I ask for a lot (turntables, respect, my dignity back, and all those are still needed too) but does anyone have a delay pedal they want to sell? The crappier the better. Hit me up.

Um, what else… Check out our pages on the side ——> which tell you all sorts of awesome info about us (not really) and which sites we think are the shizniggity (yes really).


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