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Tori Amos walks among the Nerds

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Following on from my ‘news,’ a blog posted today, on artist David Mack’s myspace, reveals more of the picture that is Tori Amos’ picture book, and that both chanteuse and visual artiste will be making their mark at Comicon.

Signing at Image booth & panel with Tori Amos at San Diego Comicon

I’ll be signing at the KABUKI booth at the Image Island area where Tori’s new Comic Book Tattoo graphic novel will debut.
I did the first story in it (Flying Dutchman) and I’ll be happy to sign a copy for you.
And I’ll be attending a panel with Tori, Rantz and more.
Check davidmackguide.com for more info-

From editor Rantz Hoseley:
Cat is officially out of the bag now…
Tori will be appearing, along with Mr. Mack and myself, Douglas Wolk, Ted McKeever, Kelly Sue Deconnick, and Elizabeth Genco on the CBT panel at SDCC to ‘launch’ the book.
The limited edition is now SOLD OUT, and the ONLY place (unless your LCS ordered a copy) to get it is at SDCC, where we will have *50* copies, first come, first served.

Pics of my advance copy of the standard HC edition are up on my flickr site…
More events will be announced in the next few days!”

More Cowbell!


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