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The Warlocks Australian Tour

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Hey you little psych biscuits!

One of the best albums I’ve heard this year is Heavy Deavy Skull Lover by The Warlocks. In fact, it’s hands down my favourite album so far, and this has been an awesome year. In fact, one of the reasons I started this blog is to do the obligitory Top 10/20/50/100 end of year list, just because this year I finally feel I could fill out one of these lists.

So in October, The Warlocks are making the trip down to Australia to play a select few dates with some select few bands, and Bobby Hecksher was rad enough to do an interview with us.

Loud Noise and Pictures: How’s the current tour going?
Bobby Hecksher: Great. It’s been really positive and fun. Sans a few colds passing around.
LNaP: How have you found playing Heavy Deavy Skull Lover to live audiences? How have they found it?
Well we don’t play the whole thing. It would be difficult with all the keyboards and interludes and stuff. We play a few songs off of it and stuff from all the records. The set feels really raw and powerful.
LNaP: What’s your reaction to the response  HDSL has received, bearing in mind you did the production yourselves?
The response has been great. It’s an experimental fractured record so its more like an art piece.       

LNaP: Moving Mountains is one amazingly epic song. (I’m listening to it now and it makes me feel like I should be evolving into pure energy as I listen). Uh, how did it come about?
BH: I’ve been working on themes like this for about two years now. I am very interested in this – I like to say fractured chord changes and structures. The weird thing about Heavy Deavy Skull Lover is that it was recorded in one weekend. It makes it more amazing if you put it in that context.       

LNaP: What sort of effects/gear/techniques did you use on the album?
Layered guitars and I’m really into bi-amping. That basically means routing the guitars so that they play in unison through two amps and each amp is treated differently and recorded in separate rooms. All my players quit so that’s just me playing everything.       

LNaP: The words ‘noisy/dark/dirty’ seem to keep popping up when it comes to HDSL. How would you describe it, preferably in (but not limited to) three adjectives?
Disjointed fractured art piece about greed, lust, jealously and what that does to people. It’s also about David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, a death and rattlesnake…      

LNaP: What’s been getting you guys excited in life lately?
Positive energy. Sounds hokey but we’ve been plagued by dark clouds too long. They have since left and now everything is really fun and electric.
LNaP: Are there any new and/or old Australian bands you’re into, and any you plan to catch whilst you’re here (if you have the time)?
Wolfmother, AC/DC. Morning After Girls, The Black Ryder. I’m sure there are a lot more but off the top of my head but that’s all I can think of at the moment.
LNaP: What do you have in store for audiences here?
Raw and powerful. Well, on good a night.
LNaP: What will you be doing after you finish this interview?
Coffee and more emails!

Here’re the dates you want to hear:
Sat 11th October: Brisbane @ The Troubadour
Tue 14th October: Sydney @ Spectrum
Fri 17th October: Melbourne @ Ding Dong
Thu 23rd October: Adelaide @ The Gov
Sun 26th October: Perth @ Metropolis Fremantle

More than ample support from The Black Ryder and The Preytells
Buy tickets from the venues and do yourself a favour and buy the album here.



Written by saimagery

July 3, 2008 at 2:38 am

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  1. yeahhhhhhhhhhh! first interview for loud noise and pictures, im like a proud dad! haha

    top shit simon!


    July 3, 2008 at 3:59 am

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