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Why Mogwai is better than you are…

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Holy shit! It’s totally blissful music. Download that now before I download your face with my fist.

I’m sorry, that was harsh, can we still be friends? A bit of thanks go to these guys for the headsup. Probably one of the raddest blogs out there when it comes to cool tunes. I can only hope to somewhat emulate what they do… Click on the Mogwai photo for the Flickr photostream I psuedo stole it off…

Speaking of flickr, I uploaded some more artsy shots. The unfortunate side effect of no good gigs in the last month and no organisation willing to get me on the door anymore has resulted in no gig shooting for Simon. I’ll be there with a camera and all that for Snowman and others though. I can’t vouch for quality.

If only I had myspace unblocked at work, I’d try and post up a whole bunch of amazing new bands I’d find on there… Sucks already.

Oh, I was checking our referrals and some fixed gear bike forum in New York keeps clicking on our blog. I don’t know what link was posted because all I get when I click on them is a sign in page, but hey! I really want a fixed gear bike, that shit is so cool. Fuck lowriders, fuck bmx’s, gimme gimme fixed wheels and get rid of those brakes! Yeah! Seriously, I’d buy one of these, but I don’t have $2000, however I do have a $20 revolve special and I’m gonna work that sucker into a singlespeed. Faded fluro orange baby! Woo!

Whilst staying up late and watching Rage on Friday night I saw this video from The BPA, which it turns out is Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim and the totally awesome David Byrne from Talking Heads. After initially being disappointed, the video turned out to be quite clever. Technically, it is safe for work, but probably best if your boss doesn’t catch you watching that.

Fuck Glastonbury, I wish I’d have gone to this. It was a possibility too, but no. I’d have rathered to save up and buy my bass instead. Stupid stupid stupid.


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