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Fleet Foxes – Self-Titled

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Fleet Foxes

Self Titled

Sub Pop





In the last few years America has produced some terrific indie rock bands. Since the slow demise of “Post Punk” and “New Wave”, it has been surprisingly the genre “Soft Rock” that has spurned the new crop of great bands.


Bands such as Midlake, My Morning Jacket, Band Of Horses and Dr Dog are all artists that have taken influences from 60’s/Baroque pop, folk and 70’s soft rock, most notably bands such as America, Fleetwood Mac, Harvest-era Neil Young and The Zombies taken as key direct influences on their easy listening music.


Now you can add a 5 piece out of Seattle to this growing list.


The first thing you notice listening to Fleet Foxes, are the vocal harmonies that the young band produce. Reminiscent and no doubt bringing a smile to Brian Wilson’s face (if he still knows where he is) are the Beach Boy’s like soaring harmonies that the young members (all in their early twenties) bring. Using this as a main focus, you almost tend to forget that there are instruments playing, such is the beautiful melancholy. Robin Pecknold is the “lead” singer with a voice that can’t help you thinking that you have mistakenly put on an early My Morning Jacket album because of the close similarities of their amazingly stunning voices.


White Winter Hymnal is an instant classic, with all band members joining in harmony interplay after the initial intro by Pecknold.  The almost jam filled track of Ragged Wood is a joy, with it almost feeling like it was made specifically for driving towards an exotic location.


Tiger Mountain Peasant Song is again just Pecknold’s dreamy vocals and a gently strummed acoustic guitar, really bringing out the Neil Young influences. Heard Them Stirring opens with a gospel choir feel, with the vocals combining with a simple tribal sounding drumbeat. It could actually be classified as an instrumental, with no lyrics attached to the song, just the gorgeous soaring voices.


Your Protector has an epic feel with the heartfelt lyrics of  ‘…would you wait for me and be the one for me?’ and when the last track of Oliver James rings out, it brings a close to one of the best albums this year. By the end of this record, you’ll be ready to start playing it again, as this is a band that you’ll quickly fall in love with.




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