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Snowman Interview

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After giving their album a resounding break-off-my-thumbs-and-throw-them-so-high-I-lose-sight-of-them last week, I thought it was high time to get the guys on the interwaeb and fire off some questions to them ahead of their tour…

Loud Noise and Pictures: When you finished everything with your first album, did you have any ideas of what you wanted to write next? What did you initially set out to create?
Snowman: It took a while to work out exactly what we wanted to do for the next record. Eventually shapes started to appear. We knew what we didn’t want to do. We didn’t want to make SNOWMAN 2 we had reinvent ourselves and find new ways to play our instruments. We had to restrain ourselves and not rely on old habits and clichés. We had to place obstacles in the way in order to get to our destination via a different route.

LNaP: Can you explain how you ended up with what twothousand.com.au says is ‘…definitely the weirdest thing you’ve heard in a while,’ and what Polaroids of Androids called ‘…as graphic and horrifically beautiful as music of this brutal nature can get’ ?
S: We explore a dark crevice our collective brain I suppose. That is what turns on the inspirational juices. We followed those paths to the extremes.

LNaP: Were there any strong influences to the band that you thought crept into the album, or did you actively try to avoid outside influences when writing?
S: We tried as much as possible to lock ourselves away and write from a pure headspace. Obviously, influences seep through but they were often visual reference points. A Mark Rothko painting called Saffron was hanging in my song room and that provided refuge and inspiration for some of the songs…the textures and the colours….we tried to recreate in a musical landscape.

LNaP: You’re moving to the UK very soon, what do you have planned when you get there?
S: To travel a bit…then to write and record another album….and to live life in a different environment so that we are forced out of our comfort zones and into the deep end.

LNaP: The issues Snowman faced during the making of The Horse, The Rat, and The Swan have been well documented, but what’s it like being on the other side, with a national tour, relocation plans, and a totally excellent album to show for it?
S: Quite a relief…we are strangely detached from it. We are all happier now and we are very keen to look forward and write the next album…there is not much time to reflect on the past. The future is unknown and therefore far more mystical.

LNaP: For an album that’s only 38mins long, it still maintains a very epic sound to it. How did you shape the sound on the album?
S: Sonically we recorded everything with lots of space between the instruments and the microphones. This gives the sound quite a large spacious quality I suppose. Dave Parkin is a talented man and he has captured the sound that we wanted to create. The songs are also far more stripped back…deconstructed….this allows for each sound to be prominent in the song and the mix.

LNaP: Did you need to cut any songs from the album? If so, do you have any plans to release them?
S: We did cut two or three songs. We have not finished recording them. They did not feel right on the album…I am not really sure if they will see the light of day.

LNaP: What do you have planned after this interview?
S: Pack my bags. Sleep. Get on a plane.

Massive, MASSIVE, thanks go out to Heath and the rest of the Snowman camp for that one. The tour dates are as follows…

Wednesday July 9th, 8.00pm
Jive, Adelaide, SA – With: Baseball and Hit The Jackpot

Thursday July 10th, 8.00pm
Republic, Hobart, TAS – With: Baseball

Friday July 11th, 8.00pm
Corner Hotel, Melbourne, VIC – With: Baseball and Spider Vomit

Saturday July 12th, 8.00pm
Karova Lounge, Ballarat, VIC – With: Baseball

Wednesday July 16th, 8.00pm
The Zoo, Brisbane, QLD – With: Baseball and Stature:Statue

 Thursday July 17th, 8.00pm
Annandale Hotel, Sydney, NSW – With: Baseball

Friday July 18th, 8.00pm
Annandale Hotel, Sydney, NSW – With: Baseball and Charge Group

Saturday July 19th, 8.00pm
Transit Bar, Canberra, ACT – With: Baseball

So go see them, also because Baseball are pretty fucking special too, and since Snowman are heading O/S…

Whilst going through the latest Boudist links I meandered my way along to this interview with the kids from Hobo Gestapo. I cannot for the life of me remember how I first came across their site, but I was a big fan of Merlin Bronques and Last Night’s Party (get the book, endless amusement) and these guys are very much the Australian version, but with a totally Australian flavour (egg and bacon and gravy?). Nooch. I shot the same gig as them once and then came across their photos and was suprised people had become interested in Canberra’s partyscene. Self-promotion through linking, not that my photos are in any way indicitive of the Canberra party scene.

Pivot are also doing a headline tour (when not supporting atmospheric ‘these guys surely can’t be from Planet Earth’ ecstasy companions Sigur Ros) to support O Soundtrack My Heart. Hit that.

July 31 –    Alhambra Lounge – Brisbane AUS
August 7 – East Brunswick Club – Melbourne AUS
August 8 – Oxford Art Factory – Sydney AUS
August 9 – The Bakery – Perth AUS




Bloc Party ‘released’ a new single. Think Flux, only shit. Stream it here. Don’t get me wrong, the whole electronic ‘thing’ everyone keeps labelling them as ‘doing’ is cool, but Mercury ain’t. Sorry buds. More Positive Tension.

When Nine Inch Nails put up their rehearsal videos the other week, it was only a matter of time until this happened. The segue to the bridge is the best part.



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  1. nice work chico on the interview, yeah man gotta agree new bloc party is pretty shit isnt it, looks like silent alarm was as good as it gets with these guys.

    who from snowman did u speak too?

    got my pivot tickets! jealous haha


    July 8, 2008 at 3:47 am

  2. […] Snowman Interview Sleep. Get on a plane.     Massive, MASSIVE, thanks go out to Heath and the rest of the Snowman camp for that one. The tour dates are as… […]

    Snowman Interview

    July 12, 2008 at 10:37 pm

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