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Squishing Cockroaches and Squishing The Kids

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Saw this on the Polaroids forum today and HAD to copy/paste it…

CommentAuthorflukazoid CommentTime1 day ago

I just sat down at my desk
shortly afterwards, I was greeted by a HUGE cockroach
I looked all over my desk for an appropriate object to squash him with
alas, I could not find anything
until I noticed the new vines album which got sent to me by their hopeful label

that pretty much sums what I think of the new vines album

k thx bai  


CommentAuthorJonny Yes Yes CommentTime1 day ago

oh yeh.. it is kinda ‘bleh’ isn’t it..


CommentAuthorKasee Lara CommentTime1 day ago


I would have squashed the album with the cockroach.

Comedy gold. Fair point too.

Last night I went and shot The Getaway Plan at The Albert Hall in Canberra (os opposed to London). I didn’t so much get into the band (pop-emo isn’t exactly my bag, believe it or not) but the kids seemed to like it, even if they were being squashed against the stage due to no barrier. Am I complaining? Absolutely not! It was like the old club gigs you see in photos of bands like Nirvana, Dead Kennedy’s, Black Flag, Refused et al… Hell, any band who gigged before OH&S became more of an issue than fun. Just saying.

I have photos up on Flickr but due to contractual agreements with another website, I’m pretty sure I can’t post them here, so go and boost my Flickr views please! Thanks.

Fuckin’ A.

Looky here, there’s even a new demo. Does anyone else see that album cover and get it confused with the new Less Than Jake cover?

Just me? Alright.

Time to go look at iPhones through the window. Damn you Vodafone, be more competitive.


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