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Snowman and Baseball Live at Transit Bar

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Purveyors of fine loud noise,

Alright, here is my review of Baseball and Snowman at Transit Bar.

About 17 years ago, a small band you may have heard of in passing, played a concert at ANU Bar the night before the first Big Day Out ever. Anyone that missed that show (including me, at age 6, in hindsight) regrets not going. It’s a fact on Wikipedia. Look it up. Here are some excuses likely to have been said…

–  “I’ll see them the next time they come to Canberra”

– “I’m pretty tired tonight”

– “I haven’t really heard their stuff”

– “My really uninteresting friend is at another bar which doesn’t have such an amazing band playing, so I’m going to see them because I, like them, are just as vapid and uninteresting”

Now, they’re all excuses we have probably used before for something. Funnily enough, a few people used those on Saturday night to avoid seeing Snowman and Baseball at Transit. Here’s my rebuttal to each point…

– They’re moving to the UK indefinately.

– Everyone’s tired. That’s why God created coffee/Red Bull/speed. Do something about it. Sunday is for sleep. Shit, I had to work the next day.

– First time for everything. That’s why bands tour as well, so people can listen to their music.

– Die!!!!!!!111

Anyone who didn’t go missed out on an awesome show. Baseball were just as manic and loud as I’d been told to expect. Violins, feedback, violin feedback, holy shit! It was totally killer.

About 20mins or so after they finished, ‘bang bang bang!’, it’s the start of ‘Our Mother (She Remembers)’ and I’ve hurriedly left the girl I was talking to and ran up to the front to get photos and be as close to Snowman without getting kicked out.

Everything that was great on the album was great live, and then they energetic/calm ying yang the band members had going on really added to the noisy and unpredictable atmosphere. Andy banging his drum, jumping into the audience, and playing keys like a madman; Olga on Andy’s opposing side of stage staying as cool and nonchalant as can be (in a good way of course), then Joe and Ross varying between both extremes. Add to that the whole lot of them looking as dapper as George Clooney and you have yourself a pretty damn awesome live show.

So, in closing, Snowman were something special. Apologies about the photos, but Transit’s lighting rig is as much about light as Beth Ditto is.


Oh, and the band at the start, if you hadn’t figured it out yet, was Nirvana. Yeah sure, I’ll just catch them the next time they come…


One more thing: This is some awesome street art right here.


Written by saimagery

July 20, 2008 at 9:44 am

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  1. nice blog boys, very cool. I can’t believe you didn’t go to see Nirvana when you were six. Clearly you are not as cool or indie as I thought you were…


    July 23, 2008 at 2:00 pm

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