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Vagina, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll

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Metallica have revealed the cover of their new album, Death Magnetic to the world.
Despite the iron filings appearance being already described as an ‘unshaven vagina’ the word on the music itself is promisingly positive. Velvet Revolver (and former G’n’R) drummer Matt Sorum has described it by saying “It’s ridiculous. The demos were sick… Bitchin’. I dig it. I’m really excited for them”

Sounds like the therapy sessions and bassist Robert Trujillio’s presence means Metallica finally has their shit together and are back to making the music metal heads love to hate.

Speaking of former Gunner’s members – Izzy Stradlin and Steven Adler have also made headlines. One is up on drug charges the other has released a solo album. Guess which is which!

Izzy has released the album Concrete which features yet another G’n’Rer Duff McKagen on the title track. Adler on the other hand was arrested on narcotics possession charges. The irony being that Adler was featured on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew and was set to star in the show’s spin-off Sober Living!

What’s that? Not enough late 80’s hair metal news? Oh all right then…

Motley Crue released a new album late last month and there should be a LNaP review posted in the near future. Reviews for the LP Saints of Los Angeles have been fairly positive thus far – but it hasn’t been given the patented LNaP treatment as yet. Stay tuned.

You like rock debate? No? Oh well. Go have a look at the animated madness that is Nite Fite anyway. I’ll settle their first debate right here and now! You may not get all Penalty and Lloyd’s jokes/references, so go visit the series that gave birth to the show: The Meth Minute 39.

Syd Barrett’s accountant, Emo Watermelons, Led Zep challenges and James Brown as a futuristic robotic actual Sex Machine – The Meth Minute has it all – including Billy Corgan. Segue alert!

Tickets are on sale for Smashing Pumpkins, who are touring the U.S. doing a 20 year anniversary tour for their debut album Gish. They also have a single due out September recently revealed to be titled G.L.O.W. Lord knows what that is gonna stand for. Stand by for more Pumpkiny details.


Cowbell all round!


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