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Beautiful. Sexy. Noisy. Euphonic.

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Sydney based quartet Euphonic should breakthrough into the greater Australian consciousness. They’ve put out several EP’s and singles but something tells me that with the release of their new album Drowning For Daylight, they have gotten the melodic alternate rock formula right. It’s a sound that for the most part, Aussie rock fans devour by the fistful. But as Euphonic’s guitarist/vocalist, Paul Carpenter tells me, “nobody knows who you are unless you’re on the radio.”


Loud Noise and Pictures: What bands do you look up to/inspire to emulate and why?

Paul Carpenter: I guess I’ve always looked up to artists that break the mold… David Bowie, Thom Yorke, Kurt Cobain and Jeff Buckley would be at the top of my list. I’m always working toward better lyrics and melodies. Their music has kind of set a bench mark for me and taught me how to be honest with my own music. 


LNaP: Who would you say are your biggest musical influences on ‘Drowning For Daylight’? What were you listening to when you were writing/recording the album?

PC: I didn’t really listen to anything during the writing of drowning… although I had an Idea of how I wanted it flow. 

Some nights I’d have bad dreams and wake up depressed, then at night I’d try to get myself back into that state of mind so I could write… It became a vicious circle. By the time it came to recording, I couldn’t wait to unload the shit in my head.


LNaP: How was it working with Magic Dirt’s Dean Turner – what kind of experience did he bring to the recording sessions?

PC: Dean’s cool, he worked us hard. We had 24 hrs of pre-production with him before we even went into the studio. He has a way of bringing the best out of you without you even realizing it. When it came to the vocals, he was more about the emotion than hitting the note. In between recording he shared a few stories, so it kinda took the edge off. Overall I think we’ve made a good record.


LNaP: Birdland Studios has a reputation of producing some quality work from some of Australia’s highest profile bands, what kind of expectations does that put on a fresh new emerging band like yours?

PC: None really, I know a lot of bands have gone through there in the past, but at the time it was just work, work, work!!! 

It’s a fucking awesome studio to work in…  I’m sure I’ll drop in next time I’m down there, and it will be a different feeling.


LNaP: What is the band’s overall feeling of the finished album?

PC: I think that it’s finished is enough for the band… I’m not really sure how they feel about it, ’cause we don’t really talk.  We went straight into rehearsal for the tour after recording, so we’ve been focused on that. I’ve listened to parts of it, but not right through yet. When we finish the shows I might listen to it in full.


LNaP: You have a number of upcoming shows up and down the east coast – what can audiences expect from a Euphonic show?

PC: A lot of sweaty, beautiful & sexy noise… with integrity 


LNaP: You’ve played some smaller venues around Australia to limited audiences, how do you hope the release of ‘Drowning For Daylight’ will affect the band’s profile?

PC: We work very hard at what we do and love doing it. Going to places we’ve never been before to do a show is unreal.

We’ve done a lot of touring but even with an album or single, nobody knows who you are unless you’re on the radio. 


LNaP: Ideally, where would you like to see Euphonic in a years’ time?

PC: We’re hoping to get over to Europe for a few shows at the end of the year, then I think we’ll be back in the studio for the next record. I’m working on some new stuff at the moment. 



Drowning For Daylight is being released through RiSH Records, an independent Sydney label who has been operating for just over a year. Euphonic are having an album launch at Spectrum Friday July 25. Get yourself there or get yourself an album – better yet – do both!
Otherwise make an effort to catch one of their shows as they spread their Euphonicy “sweaty, beautiful and sexy” goodness around the place at one of their remaining gigs.


Jul 24 OXFORD TAVERN          Wollongong      (With Broken Collection + The Various)

Jul 24 SPECRUM                     Sydney            (With Astreetlightsong + Traps + Aurora Trio)

Aug 1 PARKVIEW HOTEL        Bathurst       

Aug 2 BEACH BAR                  Newcastle        (With Vaudeville)

Aug 9 CHILI LOUNGE               Wyong             (With Bear at the Door)

Aug 21 TRANSIT BAR              Canberra           (With Kempsey)


Thanks aplenty go to Paul of Euphonic and to Brian at RiSH.



Solid Aussie Cowbell!


Written by tragicether

July 22, 2008 at 1:38 pm

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