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Boresnore 08

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Straight up, that was harsh.

This isn’t any Groanfest. In fact, I’m already having a kitten or nine about this lineup.

The Presets (Live)
The Galvatrons (Live)
Nick Warren (‘Way Out West, UK)
16 Bit Lolitas (Holland)
Skool Of Thought (UK)
Kazu Kimura (Japan)
Mission Control (Live)
Doom & Hoodrat (Bang Gang)
The Stafford Brothers
Bass Kleph (Helium, Vacation Records)
Axe Aklins (Live)

Mostly just because of The Presets. Happy, HAPPY, days.

Oh, and The Galvatrons? Makes sense, but I didn’t see it coming. They’ll be in Canberra twice in the month. Once doing this, but at the other end of the scale, supporting Cheap Trick and Def Leppard. Can I wear my leathers and spandex to Foreshore and not expect to be beaten up by a Mooseheads Meathead in a fluro shirt? Only time will tell.


And on that note, fluro is long over. Canberra, wake the goddamn motherfuck up! Gone. Done. As a trend, it was old and busted by the time someone here found out about it. Stop it. Please, just stop.


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