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The Cure, Franz Ferdinand – New Stuff.

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Just dropping a quick post to alert all our loyal and devoted readers (yes both of you!) to the new Franz Ferdinand track, Lucid Dreams, that the band has posted on their website.

Its a cool little animation that accompanies the track – but the ‘record’ hiss is meant to deter people from pirating the tune. The hiss is kinda cool – but in this day and age of digital restoration and electronical wizardry, its kinda more annoying than cool. Not unlike the song. Its good – but not great.

It will be popular on radio stations like Triple J – but I cant see it having nearly the same impact that tunes like Take Me Out did. Then again – could anything they do on a follow up album reach those lofty heights? Me thinks not.

Also – The Cure have released another track from their impending 13th album, ‘4:13 Dream’. The album will be a two-disk effort and Robbie Smith and the boys have been releasing tracks (via their Myspace) on the 13th of each month since May, until the album comes out on October 13. I’d post a pic of the new cover – but it’s all white, save for the title (well the top half of it) in black down the bottom. It would look like i stuffed up posting the pic – so rather than look (more) like a tool, I’ll let you find it yourself.

The album was due out September 13, but the Robmeister has instead decided to bring out an EP of the released songs’ remixes, called Hypnogogic States. The six track opus will feature such prominent maestros such as Pete Wentz and Jared Leto. Old-School emo meets Nu-Skool emo methinks! Not eactly a good combo. But then again – I could be (and probably am) wrong.

Cowbell makes me cry.


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August 29, 2008 at 12:07 pm

I Got The No Remix Blues, Pussy

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Thanks to the wonder that is my work’s internet filters blocking my access to Myspace, and various proxy sites shitting themselves trying to load the music player on Myspace, I’m yet to hear the new remixes of No Pussy Blues by Grinderman, and it’s pretty much killing me. Hopefully they will put these out officially sometime soon and I can start getting my pillhead on to them. Assuming that’s what they sound like. More details can be found here.

Whilst I’m leeching news directly from Pitchfork, The Gutter Twins have also announced that they’re releasing an iTunes only exclusive EP with proceeds going to go to the Natasha Shneider Memorial Fund. Help a good cause and get some good tunes? Done deal.

The good kids at Antiquiet got themselves into a bit of trouble over the GnR leak they did a while ago. Isn’t it funny that the United States Government calls Russia for going in with too much force on Georgia, however it’s totally reasonable for 5 FBI agents to wake up a BLOGGER (hardly the most advanced and dangerous species on the planet) at 5am in the morning and then try and set a $50 grand bail? The worst part is there’s no fucking Chinese Democracy to show for it! 14 years Axl! DIE!!!!11

Nine Inch Nails’ magnum opus, The Downward Spiral, is being re-released on vinyl as a money making scheme now that he’s left Interscope part of the 60th anniversary of vinyl. Here’s what the man himself had to say…

You may have heard there’s a new re-release of The Downward Spiral on vinyl. I heard that, too. I have no idea what it is or what’s on it because the band has had no involvement in it.

So basically, Interscope will be getting more money and the artist will be fucked over? Not much news to me.

I’m off to listen to Does It Offend You, Yeah? some more. A review of their old album will be up (or at least promised about some more) soon.

Following your heART might get you lost: UPDATED

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It seems that The Follow have gone AWOL. Well, Azaria and KJ at least.

Theyre meant to all be out in California recording stuff for their new album with Nick Launay – at least thats where Azaria said he’d be in the interview he did with LN&P a little while back. Since the interview, there have been regular posts on ZaR’s myspace page updating fans about shows The Follow, as well as his solo gigs around the California area. But if anything tabloid media has to say about things is true – there have been internal tensions and things may have taken a turn for the worse. According to their management:
“Azaria had been seen in Hollywood on Saturday night, I know they were stressed out to the max, I talked to Azaria on Wednesday and he broke down and told me that there was a lot of tension in the band. Please everyone, put out good vibes about this and stay positive! I know in my heart that they’re alright. I’m sure they’ll ring me soon.”

Guitarist JaK and their manager Gabe Deluc have asked fans to let on if theyve spotted Azaria and KJ, as family and friends are becoming increasingly concerned.

As posted on the Follow’s myspace page:

My guess would be that they have gone out to the desert to ‘find themselves’ Doors style.
Stay safe kids!


KJ has been found safe and sound!

According to their myspace (home of all info!) she was at a friends place.
AzaRia is still nowhere to be found however.

The search continues!

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August 27, 2008 at 5:34 am

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Och! It’s new Terminator pics

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Sexy Scottish songstress Shirley Manson is set to star in the second season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Hopefully you dont have a lisp and just read that sentence aloud. Anyway here is one of the first promo pics:

The Garbage vocallist will be a series regular starring as Catherine Weaver, CEO of a major technology company, Zeiracop. Hopefully something in that last sentence made sense. I cant say I’m much of a Terminator fan, but now miss Manson is being featured, I might just give it a gander. There are some more pics here.

On the musical front, Shirley has lent her lungs to Mr Stefani, Gavin Rossdale, on his recently released solo effort WANDERlust. Also helping out old Gav on the album were producer Bob Rock, Josh Freese, former Helmet member and Bush tour guitarist Chris Traynor, as well as Dave Stewart of Eurythmics and ‘girl kisser’ Katy Perry.

With that calibre of personell on board, you’d think you would have heard more about WANDERlust.
Oh well…

Ten East

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When the Meredith festival lineup was revealed, their were a few names I had no idea about. Sure MGMT, Saul Williams, Holy Fuck, and festival sluts Little Red, Muscles and Regurgitator were all announced, but their was one headliner named who I had no idea about. That was Ten East. 

Meredith Festival is always great at bringing out indie bands that fly way under the radar and it’s great to see a few I was keen to look up. Ten East caught my attention and boy am I glad they did.


Ten East started out in the mid ‘00s as a semi-improvised outfit and an excuse for old friends to get together, jam it out and put some tunes to tape. With a range of artists from Fu Manchu, Kyuss, Brant Bjork, Black Flag all joining in this rotating roster you know that you should stand up and take notice already. Guided by lead songwriter Gary Arce, these guys are the band Cheech and Chong would listen to, and should be the soundtrack to your next bong session. 

They are described by the themselves as “Black Sabbath goes surfing”, the album needs repeated listenings with each track having a mountain of layered guitars, guitar solo’s and guitar shredding.

Buy “Robot’s Guide to Freedom” it will blow your mind, literally.



Well amost literally…

Look out! It’s the RIAA!

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The Recording Industry Association of America (The RIAA aka Satan’s Winged Monkeys), has been a bit active the last few days.

First off, Muxtape, that wonderful little site that brings back the joy of sharing and discovering music has been shut down indefinately, despite Muxtape providing each song with a link to Amazon to buy it, and not offering up a way to download the track. Nevertheless, you can’t test out songs apparently. Pay up, then find out you don’t like the song, or do like the song.

Who The Bloody Hell Are They? is a totally amazing site with daily updates about new Australian music worth pinning your ears to. They’ve also been hassled (via their web host) by the RIAA. Rather than explain it here, this is the link to their post, which is a really good read nonetheless.

Speaking of Whothehell, they’ve been championing Gin Wigmore recently, and last night I got to see her for the first time. I’m sure the words ‘Amy’ and ‘Winehouse’ were mentioned a lot in the crowd, but she did pretty well. She would be the indie kid’s Gabriella Cilmi, or the ‘Australian’ (Gin is from NZ) equivilent to Adele or Duffy, which isn’t a bad place to be. I was taking photos of Pete Murray for Fasterlouder, so as you can imagine I didn’t hang around after my 3 songs were up. Apparently the sound was really bad. Pictures are up on my flickr, but none of Pete since the lights on him were as boring as a meeting of birdwatchers, so just the band with the fancy lights behind them.


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Most of the time when you hear a model wanting to be an actor it spell’s bad news, but dont fear as this is the band Actor/Model and they play gorgeous indie guitar music. Blending the voice of Kim Gordon with carefully plucked guitars and washed over with layers of noise by a roland keyboard.



“I dot heart” is the stand out on EP “Gossip about guys” and the more you play this record, the more you seem to find within each track of Sonic Youth/Blonde Redhead inspired noise and the beautiful voice of Ricky French.

If your in Melbourne, do yourself a favour and check them out, especially at the very cool party Mistletone Records are hosting this Friday. Other acts on the bill include, Bachelorette, Kes, Beach House, Love of Diagrams, Beaches and many many more.

Aug 22 2008 8:00P
Roxanne Palour – Winter Tones Melbourne, Victoria
Aug 23 2008 8:00P
Old Bar, Fitzroy Melbourne, Victoria
Sep 6 2008 8:00P
The Tote, Collingwood – w/- NEW ESTATE Melbourne, Victoria
Sep 21 2008 8:45P
High Vibes Festival – Wesley Ann – CANCELLED BY VENUE AFTER WE WERE CONFIRMED!!! SEE DESCRIPTION. Melbourne, Victoria

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August 20, 2008 at 12:18 am