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Kathematics – Rock ‘n’ Roll and ‘Math’ puns.

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If a band reached #2 on a New York radio station, chances are you’d have heard of them. Yeah well you haven’t! Cos they’re Kathematics.

Kathematics are Melbournian duo (Kath, guitar + vox and Danny, drums) who wield up-tempo Lo-Fi pop-punk rock with dark grungish riffs as featured on the 2008 U.S. Warped Tour CD. Yeah – they sound pretty successful, huh! Oh and Clare Bowditch is a fan too.

Well maybe if you’re in the Melbourne indie music scene or you have a finely tuned ear set to Triple-J, you might have heard of them, but if you haven’t – it’s high time you took notice. How can you not love a song title like (You Look Like) Alyson Hannigan!

They’ve put out a couple of EP’s already, and they’ve just finished recording a new album, Divorce Death Departure. LNaP took the chance to ask Kath a few questions before they head off to their legions of American fans.

Loud Noise and Pictures: For those who haven’t yet heard the sounds of Kathematics, give us a brief low-down.
Kath: Two-piece, riff-based, raw, in-your-face grunge punk!

LNaP: How has the transition into a two-piece been, and how has that changed the sound of the band?
Kath: The two-piece came about by accident. We were looking for a female bass player but when that didn’t happen, Danny and I started to play as a duo and really enjoyed it. Then I wrote an entire new set of songs a few months ago, totally changing my guitar sound and the way I played to make the two-piece sound full. 

LNaP: The title of the new album ‘Divorce Death Departure’ seems a lot more grown up than the previous EPs ‘Splat,’ ’Do The Math’ and ‘Add It Up,’ has there been a significant maturity develop within the band?
Kath: Yes definitely. I went through a life-changing experience late last year that forced me to grow up. These songs are a result of that.

LNaP: Where does your musical inspiration come from? Axe Girl sounds like what would happen if the White Stripes and The Black Keys got together and let Karen O sing.
Kath: I love that description! Yeah that is spot on. I was always a fan of punk, pop-punk and grunge but I started to broaden my taste in the last year getting into music I never really liked before like blues (The White Stripes) and electronic stuff (Peaches) and I love Nick Cave’s new band Grinderman as well, I guess all these new influences have seeped into my songwriting which I think is great as I think I was getting really stale as a writer.

LNaP: You’ve supported some fairly diverse acts in the past (Sleater Kinney, Clare Bowditch, Kisschasy, Young and Restless, The Spazzys, The Vasco Era, Mach Pelican, Killing Heidi, Deborah Conway and Vika and Linda), how does Kathematic’s sound translate to the varied audiences?
Kath: Our sound has changed throughout the years but I guess we have always had a bit of a pop sensibility and catchy hooks so we usually fit with a variety of bands and most audiences dig us. Even now that we are heavier the songs are still catchy. 

LNaP: Your film clip for Add It Up was guest programmed on Rage by Clare Bowditch. That must have been a spin-out, or did you know it was on the cards – is she a friend of the band?
Kath: Our old bass player did a music course Clare was teaching a few years back and Kathematics played a gig with her way before she was “Aria Award winner Clare Bowditch” and she became a friend of the band. She emailed us to tell us she was programming the song so yeah, it was a spin-out. I have a lot of respect for Clare. There aren’t many people in the world that are beautiful inside and out and the way she balances music and family is something I can only aspire to.

LNaP: How did you manage to score U.S. representation? What is planned for your upcoming tour of the States?
Kath: We hooked up with our U.S. manager after she found us on myspace. She is currently putting together a tour of New York and surrounding areas in October. We are getting really good venues wanting us to play there and have had solid radio airplay in NY over the last month so it’s pretty exciting for us.

LNaP: When can we expect to see ‘Divorce Death Departure’ in stores?
Kath: There are still 5 more songs to complete, after that our manager is going to try and get us a record deal in the States. There is no release date set for the album in Australia as yet.


Thanks to Kath for her time, and best of luck for the impending US tour.
If you want, you can hear some of the tracks from Divorce Death Departure on their myspace, or you can see Kathematics live before they head o.s. at the following gigs;

15 Aug 2008

9:00 P

The Blue Tile Lounge w/ Tiajuana Souvenirs and Che 90

Fitzroy, Victoria

24 Aug 2008

5:00 P

Grace Emily Hotel (Smashed Records Fair)

Adelaide, South Australia

26 Sep 2008

9:00 P

The Birmingham Hotel

Fitzroy, Victoria


More Cowbell!


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