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Link Central + Wolfmother breaking up? Yes. Yes they are.

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So, the rumours were true and the 505th most original band in Sydney has called it a day. Chris Ross (the bassist) left due to ‘irreconcilable differences’ and Myles Heskitt (the other guy (a fancy way of saying ‘drummer’)) left because he didn’t want to be part of a changed lineup. How funny!

Read the press release, and breathe a sigh of relief, here. Good to know originality has a fighting chance.

The karaoke could be over! After 5 years plugging the same songs, Australia’s answer to Jet could be climbing their Stairway to Heaven. Now, I may be Paranoid, but I’m pretty sure there ain’t a Whole Lotta LoveJJJ’s website… left in the band, and they’ve stopped giving interviews with only this short statement on their website.

As soon as triple j arrived at Splendour In The Grass on Saurday, much speculation was circulating about Wolfmother’s future. Rumours from the band breaking up through to line-up changes were being mentioned. triple j was due to interview singer Andrew Stockdale a couple of hours before their appearance closing the Supertop Stage at the Byron Bay festival on Sunday night. Management issued a statement to the station prior to the scheduled interview saying: “The band is dealing with some internal issues at the moment. They’re hoping to resolve them in the next few weeks but in the meantime it just wouldn’t be appropriate for any member to be doing any interviews – even with triple j.”

I’m also assuming they don’t want to talk to us either. Seems like they’ve run out of psych bands to emulate. That, or they want to do a reunion tour next year. They could be upset about Modular’s $5.9 million loss. If they break up, then release an album and become revered for it because of their ‘unrealised potential’ I’ll probably neck myself.

Here’s a good quote…

“The Beatles or Led Zeppelin are the ultimate archetypes for what a rock band can and should be. I’ve just suffered through Wolfmother at some festival we just played. Come on, guys! You know what I mean.

“I’m not saying they do a bad job but they’re a f***ing cover band. Not to single those poor young men out, but . . . ” – Trent Reznor in The Sun

The Financial Times have a nice little article about music downloading. One thing to remember though: To many music fans, the record company, the distribution company, the CD shops, even the band, they all represent ‘the man’. Illegal downloading will always happen because some people are just too cool. We should all bow down before them. Why else would someone illegally download free albums? Torrent speed? Meh.

Speaking of Radiohead, can someone link me to some awesome pictures of their seemingly awesome stage setup? I’m yet to see a great and amazing picture. Much like Nine Inch Nails’ stage setup. It’s all camera phones. Lame.

I’m listening to M83 right now, and this music is so epic that I just know it’s all going to work out. Everything. Ever. Stop worrying. I paid for this too. Your kids can’t rummage through your MP3 collection when you’re older you know…

Where’s Dan Boud been lately?

Did everyone who went enjoy Splendour? Yet again it seems the real fesitval magic happens at the sideshows. Check out the rest of his photos. Awesome.

Oh, and this is the funniest read I’ve had in a long time…

“There is no evidence to suggest that the type of music you listen to will cause you to commit suicide, but those who are vulnerable and at risk of committing suicide may be listening to certain types of music,” the author of the study, Felicity Baker, said yesterday.

However, watch the results from the latter half of the sentence turn into the presumptions in the former half.


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  1. I’ve been working like a mad man, but expect lots of Splendour related photos soon.


    August 6, 2008 at 4:18 am

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