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The Process and Bachelor of Arts

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There are way too many indie bands that are quite shit. I don’t want to list them cause you will be reading this all night, but here is some top bands straight out of Melbourne yo.

First up is a band called The Process.


They mix the usual influences of post punk, but they put a new twist of things on the genre, mainly because of the singer’s barritone (not in the done to death Ian Curtis way), yet still, powerfully emotional voice.  They sound like The Birthday Party if they had more of a pop sensibility and high rotation. For me, at the moment, their killer tune is “The Void”.

They are touring all around Oz with another promising indie band Mercy Arms,. So get off the internet and check these bands out!

Next up is Bachelor Of Arts.


These guys mix aggressive punk with some relentless drumming and extremely raw angular post punk guitar. The song “Apathy” is a perfect example of the mad rhythms and pulsating bass that these guys create. While the singer almost cries out cryptic lyrics that no one understands. No one, that is, other than those people who study math rock.

A must listen are tracks “AMPM” & “Teresa.” Gee, these guys are really, really good and it’s illegal if you like your indie rock and you haven’t listen to these guys yet, so get on it!


Written by tipaklon

August 7, 2008 at 12:47 pm

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