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Teenagers In Tokyo’s World Tour of the East Coast

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Right now we’re all pretty amped about the Olympics. The opening ceremony was pretty spectacular (those drummers? Holy shit!), we’ve got swimming and cycling and fencing and all those fantastic sports that right now we’re going apeshit over.

Come Thursday when you’re about to neck yourself from Olympic saturation, Teenagers In Tokyo are starting their tour. There’s no sport, no gold medals, no human rights violations, and no Bruce McAveney.

Sam from the band was super awesome and spoke to LNaP ahead of their tour…

LNaP: You guys got picked up for a carefree ad. Have you heard your song all over TV yet? What’s it like hearing it?
Sam: I’ve only heard it a couple of times cause I don’t really have a TV at home. But one day we were sitting around before rehearsal and it came on and we all did one of those double takes you see in old school cartoons. It’s the most surreal thing to hear the song in that context!

LNaP: How was touring with !!!? I’d imagine that would have been totally awesome fun.
Sam: It was so much fun! We’re really big fans of theirs so to go on tour with them was just as exciting to see them play every night. They have a really great vibe that translates onstage and off. After the first show in Brisbane we were all backstage singing an impromptu version of Careless Whisper with Alan (their saxophonist) nailing the sax parts and the rest of us belting it out at the top of our lungs.

LNaP: How was euro tour? Any interesting stories? Selling out Camden Barfly must have been rad.
Sam: We had no concrete expectations for the tour considering the fact that the northern hemisphere seems so far away. So when we finally got there it was so bizarre to see our name in publications like NME or meet people on the street that recognised us! One of the most fun places had to be playing at Sous le Pont which is a club under the Alexandre III bridge in Paris. It’s THE most luscious venue I’ve ever stepped into. Another highlight was Berlin, playing in this abandon building space turned hole-in-the-wall club. There wasn’t really a stage, PA system or anything for that matter. Just a bar in the corner, some rooms upstairs with DJs and packed with people. It was just so Berlin, yah. Selling out the Barfly was so mad cause it’s one of those institutions that you always read about. To have that ticked off our list already is pretty amazing.

LNaP: How was euro tour for rudi? Does he have trouble putting up with four girls, or do 4 girls have trouble putting up with him?
Sam: Ha! I think it’s a delicate balance of both actually. We all had to put up with each other, which was an interesting experiment with unexpected results. I think it was the longest time that we’ve all spent day in, day out with each other.

LNaP: Obviously have Linda working at Triple J so much must affect the band. Is it difficult getting her to rehearsals and tours? Do you ever feel like slipping in some of your songs, maybe 7 times in every shift?
Sam: We all work full time so it can get pretty difficult trying to find time between all five of us, but we’re all really dedicated to the band so we always find ways around to do what we want. I don’t think Linda has ever felt the need to drop one of our tracks into her show. That would be a little weird no?

LNaP: How’s the writing coming along? What sort of sound can we expect on your new tunes?
Sam: It’s a really interesting process as we’re trying all these new methods to see what eventuates. I find it difficult to describe our “new sound”…it’s pretty much like nothing you’ve ever heard before. In fact it’s not even music, it’s just a whole new concept altogether! In all seriousness though, come down to see us play live if you want a better indication than that last sentence!

LNaP: Being from Canberra, a lot of people complain about the lack of shows, yet you guys keep coming back and will be here in about a week, despite it only being a four date tour. What brings you back to Canberra?
Sam: We had a great ole time in Canberra when we last visited, so we thought we’d come back. We met some really nice people who came to the show last time and it’s always a pleasure to stop by. Plus it’s the “Nation’s Capital”, so I’m pretty sure it’s like passing GO in Monopoly.

LNaP: What colour is Sophie’s hair at the moment?

Sam: At the moment it’s a lovely shade of caramel. Any suggestions for what should be next? I’m taking bets.

LNaP: What’s the plan for the next year?
Sam: We’re not that good at planning; we kind of take stuff as it comes. After these shows we’re going to focus on writing our debut album and getting some pre-production done. After that I assume we’ll record the album at some stage, in some place, whether it be this year or next. Some live shows will likely follow, maybe even some more overseas jaunts. Hopefully at some point we’ll be able to squeeze in a holiday as well!

There you have it children. Enjoy the Olympics whilst you still have that patriotism in you, but when the weekend comes and you can’t stand cross promotion any longer, go out and see Teenagers In Tokyo.

14 Aug 2008 8:00 P
LAST WOLFGANG MONTHY at Alhambra Lounge BRISBANE, Queensland
15 Aug 2008 8:00 P
16 Aug 2008 8:00 P
TRANSIT BAR CANBERRA, Australian Capital Territory
17 Aug 2008 8:00 P

Written by saimagery

August 9, 2008 at 12:40 am

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  1. Sweet interview hombre!

    Hall and Oates

    August 9, 2008 at 4:42 am

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