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WOW Interview

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There are a lot of electro, indie dance, and etc bands around these days but WOW rise above the rest of the pack. The reason for this is they play their electro dirty, loud and has the potential to rip off your face when played live, the way it should be

Icy Cold” is deliciously good and ”No Aspirations” is an indie anthem in the making, ready to make the kids lose their shit. Recently signed to Levity and with plenty of great supoort slots under their belt for El Guincho, Telepathe and Crystal Castles, these kids are truly on the rise


I spoke to Matt from the two-piece about live setups, noise complaints and raves

Loud Noise and Pictures: First up, I saw the clip of you guys playing the Levity launch and you had noise complaints, what was the aftermath of that?
Matt: The aftermath was actually very pleasant. We kissed and made up with Doris (owner of Hotel Hollywood) who kicked us off stage in the first place.

LNP: I can see your style/sound suited to some crazy rave house parties. Do you guys ever host or play at house parties rather than the usual outlets of playing gigs? If so any good story’s to come out of one.
Matt: We have semi-regular parties at our best friend DM$ house, which is basically a dj set-up in his lounge room, and usually involves home made alcohol, black lights, a noise pollution penalty from the cops at 5am and a whole lot of hilarious incidents.

LNP: Does your writing process start from experimenting with beats or from a vocal melody?
Matt: It’s usually a riff or a beat and the vocals come afterwards. However, sometimes it’s a particular theme or something that inspires us to write the song in the first place. But mostly it’s a riff or a beat then we jam everything else out.

LNP: What is your live show setup?
Matt: At the moment its just Laptop, synth, guitar, bass & vocals. We basically share everything between us. It’s an always evolving / changing beast though, and some how, we’ve had a new way of doing things / change of equipment on just about show. Since this is our first band and we’ve only being going for about 9 months, its just trial and error really.

LNP: What can people expect when they see WOW live?
Matt: Strobe lights, cowbells & lots of jumping around

LNP: Are there any contemporary artists that you are influenced by?
Matt: LCD soundsystem really does it for us. Black Lips, Crystal Castles, The Presets are some other recent stuff. There’s really no way to pin this down to a few artists though…For example artists like Cash & Dylan have influenced us to write music in general, but obviously haven’t influenced our sound.

LNP: Do you guys embrace the remix culture? Are you up to remixing other artists and vice versa?
Matt: We had no idea whether we would actually be capable of doing remixes or not, but we had a shot doing our first one for a Sydney band called The Mania, and it turned out really well and had a whole lot of positive feedback about the song and we even started to play it live!
We’re doing a couple more at the moment for two Melbourne groups Outrun & The Emergency. In terms of us being remixed, Bumblebeez has just finished remixing Icy Cold, and it sounds amazing. The Emergency are returning the favour and remixing Werewolf.

LNP: Where do you guys feel more comfortable, studio or on stage?
We love both actually. The studio is where all the creative stuff happens, but playing live is a whole different thrill in itself.

LNP: Plans for the immediate future for WOW.
Matt: Keep learning how to play instruments, keep playing shows….and a whole lotta good times.!! We’ll see what happens after that!

LNP: Now can you give me your best over the top NME style description of the band
Matt: Post-ironic electro punk / clash post-post-dance-disco fuzzed-out-beats-from-space-and-laser-gun-duels-on-a-spaceship / shit-bedroom-demo party kids in 2k8


15 Aug 2008 8:00 P
Oyster Party @ Oxford Art Factory Sydney
21 Aug 2008 8:00 P
Levity Nights (DJ SET) @ Hotel Hollywood w/ Jai (Paper Scissors) Sydney
29 Aug 2008 8:00 P
Sosueme @ Q Bar w/ Panther DLX (Ep Launch), One Glove, Hey Now +more Sydney
30 Aug 2008 8:00 P
WOW @ Inflation w/ Boy + Girl, BMX, Dangerous Dan, Ooh Ee +more Melbourne
6 Sep 2008 8:00 P
Oxford Art Factory w/ Grafton Primary + Yellowbird Sydney
19 Sep 2008 8:00 P
DOUBLE EP LAUNCH w/ The E.L.F @ Spectrum + Outrun (Melbourne) Sydney

Written by tipaklon

August 15, 2008 at 7:57 am

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  1. 9 months? Thats unreal. They’re doing a f***ing good job so far.

    Miss Lisa

    August 17, 2008 at 11:09 am

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