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Look out! It’s the RIAA!

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The Recording Industry Association of America (The RIAA aka Satan’s Winged Monkeys), has been a bit active the last few days.

First off, Muxtape, that wonderful little site that brings back the joy of sharing and discovering music has been shut down indefinately, despite Muxtape providing each song with a link to Amazon to buy it, and not offering up a way to download the track. Nevertheless, you can’t test out songs apparently. Pay up, then find out you don’t like the song, or do like the song.

Who The Bloody Hell Are They? is a totally amazing site with daily updates about new Australian music worth pinning your ears to. They’ve also been hassled (via their web host) by the RIAA. Rather than explain it here, this is the link to their post, which is a really good read nonetheless.

Speaking of Whothehell, they’ve been championing Gin Wigmore recently, and last night I got to see her for the first time. I’m sure the words ‘Amy’ and ‘Winehouse’ were mentioned a lot in the crowd, but she did pretty well. She would be the indie kid’s Gabriella Cilmi, or the ‘Australian’ (Gin is from NZ) equivilent to Adele or Duffy, which isn’t a bad place to be. I was taking photos of Pete Murray for Fasterlouder, so as you can imagine I didn’t hang around after my 3 songs were up. Apparently the sound was really bad. Pictures are up on my flickr, but none of Pete since the lights on him were as boring as a meeting of birdwatchers, so just the band with the fancy lights behind them.


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