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Ten East

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When the Meredith festival lineup was revealed, their were a few names I had no idea about. Sure MGMT, Saul Williams, Holy Fuck, and festival sluts Little Red, Muscles and Regurgitator were all announced, but their was one headliner named who I had no idea about. That was Ten East. 

Meredith Festival is always great at bringing out indie bands that fly way under the radar and it’s great to see a few I was keen to look up. Ten East caught my attention and boy am I glad they did.


Ten East started out in the mid ‘00s as a semi-improvised outfit and an excuse for old friends to get together, jam it out and put some tunes to tape. With a range of artists from Fu Manchu, Kyuss, Brant Bjork, Black Flag all joining in this rotating roster you know that you should stand up and take notice already. Guided by lead songwriter Gary Arce, these guys are the band Cheech and Chong would listen to, and should be the soundtrack to your next bong session. 

They are described by the themselves as “Black Sabbath goes surfing”, the album needs repeated listenings with each track having a mountain of layered guitars, guitar solo’s and guitar shredding.

Buy “Robot’s Guide to Freedom” it will blow your mind, literally.



Well amost literally…


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