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Och! It’s new Terminator pics

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Sexy Scottish songstress Shirley Manson is set to star in the second season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Hopefully you dont have a lisp and just read that sentence aloud. Anyway here is one of the first promo pics:

The Garbage vocallist will be a series regular starring as Catherine Weaver, CEO of a major technology company, Zeiracop. Hopefully something in that last sentence made sense. I cant say I’m much of a Terminator fan, but now miss Manson is being featured, I might just give it a gander. There are some more pics here.

On the musical front, Shirley has lent her lungs to Mr Stefani, Gavin Rossdale, on his recently released solo effort WANDERlust. Also helping out old Gav on the album were producer Bob Rock, Josh Freese, former Helmet member and Bush tour guitarist Chris Traynor, as well as Dave Stewart of Eurythmics and ‘girl kisser’ Katy Perry.

With that calibre of personell on board, you’d think you would have heard more about WANDERlust.
Oh well…


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  1. it didn’t get 2 specific!

    Paige Bender

    September 12, 2008 at 12:06 pm

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