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The Cure, Franz Ferdinand – New Stuff.

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Just dropping a quick post to alert all our loyal and devoted readers (yes both of you!) to the new Franz Ferdinand track, Lucid Dreams, that the band has posted on their website.

Its a cool little animation that accompanies the track – but the ‘record’ hiss is meant to deter people from pirating the tune. The hiss is kinda cool – but in this day and age of digital restoration and electronical wizardry, its kinda more annoying than cool. Not unlike the song. Its good – but not great.

It will be popular on radio stations like Triple J – but I cant see it having nearly the same impact that tunes like Take Me Out did. Then again – could anything they do on a follow up album reach those lofty heights? Me thinks not.

Also – The Cure have released another track from their impending 13th album, ‘4:13 Dream’. The album will be a two-disk effort and Robbie Smith and the boys have been releasing tracks (via their Myspace) on the 13th of each month since May, until the album comes out on October 13. I’d post a pic of the new cover – but it’s all white, save for the title (well the top half of it) in black down the bottom. It would look like i stuffed up posting the pic – so rather than look (more) like a tool, I’ll let you find it yourself.

The album was due out September 13, but the Robmeister has instead decided to bring out an EP of the released songs’ remixes, called Hypnogogic States. The six track opus will feature such prominent maestros such as Pete Wentz and Jared Leto. Old-School emo meets Nu-Skool emo methinks! Not eactly a good combo. But then again – I could be (and probably am) wrong.

Cowbell makes me cry.


Written by tragicether

August 29, 2008 at 12:07 pm

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