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Chaingang, or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Post Punk

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So when a band such as Pinky Tuscadero splits, what do you get? The thrashing and convulsing messes that are Lions At Your Door and Chaingang. Due to incompetance/being drunk or something, I missed LAYD when they came to Canberra, so I wasn’t planning on missing Chaingang, and thank fuck for that. Lead singer Hayley was throwing herself around the stage, onto seats, tables, and sometimes just sitting on the floor for no other reason than it just being there. Totally awesome, and certainly not the usual crowd they have at Transit for such gigs. Anyways, check them out, and check out Bridgemary Kiss, who opened for them, as they were pretty rad and their drummer is a maniac on the hi hats.

^ These guys just got announced for Foreshore: Attack of the Killer P’s. Pnau were awesome last time I saw them, so it will be good to (hopefully) shoot them again.

In other festival news, Neil Young has been all but confirmed for Big Day Out 2009. Not the most obvious choice. Will he headline, or will he be put before a popular hard rock/metal band ala Bjork and have to ‘cancel’ his appearance in Sydney due to ‘illness’? Put him on last, that way the people who matter (people like you and I) can appreciate him without the inevitable bogan influence.

Oh, and anyone bored on Saturday nights, come by Bar 32 on Northbourne Ave around midnight/0030 to catch myself and K-Rad from Bawley on the decks learning how to crossfade. Yeow! Good music, not so good transitions. Maybe I just speak for myself there.


Written by saimagery

September 2, 2008 at 6:48 am

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