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Everything Old is New Again

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Stone Temple Pilots are back together and touring (on a 65 date world tour) – partially cos Velvet Revolver got rid of re-drug addled singer Scott Weiland, and partially cos Richard Patrick abandoned Army of Anyone to get the Filter band together.
Weiland sure has been a busy little beaver. On top of his new Pilot plans, he has nipped into the studio to nut out ‘Happy In Galoshes’ the follow up album to his 1998 solo effort ’12 Bar Blues.’ 
The album produced by Steve Albini (who also produced Pixies, Nirvana, PJ Harvey, The Stooges and more) will feature most of No Doubt; bassist Tony Kanal, drummer Adrian Young, and guitarist Tom Dumont.
Scotty boy is also planning to do a few live shows to support the album after the Pilots have landed from their current tour.

But holy cow! There sure has been a resurgance in 90’s grunge-ish bands reforming/getting back together for new material/new tours and such. Lemme list a few…
Toadies – New Album
Filter – Recent Album
The Melvins – New Album
Helmet – Recent Tour
STP – New Tour
Butthole Surfers – New Tour (with original line-up)
Pavement – New Tour (possibly – but probably not)
Green River – Live Show (GR members later formed Pearl Jam and Mudhoney)
The Breeders – Recent Aus Tour
Nada Surf – New Album and Tour

The early 90’s scene is alive and kicking. And it is no more obvious than when I say these few words; Alice In Chains are also recording a new album.
Thirteen years since their last album, and six years since the death of their former singer Layne Stayley, AIC have entered the studio with new singer William DuVall hoping to have some new material out in 2009.

I knew there was a reason flannies were back in fashion!


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  1. please i hope pavement come! dont dick tease me todd! haha

    tony soprano

    September 10, 2008 at 5:15 am

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