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Mercy Arms – Self Titled


I’ve getting as much work out of this description, so I’ll say it first: This album is perfect for lying in bed, hungover, on a hot Sunday afternoon with a significant other, either post-coital or reminiscing about 2001. Or both, why not?


The album certainly creates an ethereal mood much like a cross between Sigur Ros and maybe The Shins. Or at least what I’ve heard of The Shins, since I’m not a huge fan. My Bloody Valentine-lite? I don’t know. Either way, this album is pretty damn good. Not album of the year, but definitely one of those bands that could pull it off big time with their next album.


Or crash and burn horribly, but hey, I’m not one to make such high pressure calls.


81 tighty whiteys out of 100.




Grafton Primary – Eon


I’m probably going to be hugely biased in this review because I met these guys the other week and they insisted they pay for my dinner in exchange for good photos. I think I delivered, maybe, I don’t know.


Having seen Grafton Primary a few times live, I wasn’t sure they’d be able to bring the oddity that is their live show to a CD. They probably didn’t. Filled with synths, compressed beats and jangly little riffs, Eon is a tight little package filled with dance, and would be better filed alongside The Presets, than Cut Copy, if you know what I mean.


Maybe even Nine Inch Nails, circa Pretty Hate Machine, only without all the hate and unwound video tape.


73 Korg MS2000B’s out of 100



Black Dice – Load Blown


Hands down: Best title of the year.


Experimental music is partly the reason I started this site. Having always been a fan of pushing the envelope noise-wise, this year brought a few new experiences for me…


First off, I got a hold of a Merzbow & Carlos Giffoni Live CD that was one hour plus of total distortion. Aptly titled Synth Destruction, the album killed me and I don’t think I’ve listened to it since. It was that intense. If you do listen, at least check out the first track.


Then Fuck Buttons released the potential Album of the Year (in my opinion), Street Horrrsing. Awash with distorted synths and tribal rhythms, this brings the middle ground between blatant noise and experimental music to the fore. I would think that without the Merzbow/CG experience earlier on, I may have dismissed this album.


So Black Dice bring out Load Blown and it’s pretty similar in parts to Fuck Buttons. More ‘song like’ to some extent, Load Blown still manages to make noise exciting, as well as something you can actually get involved with, rather than something to be seen as a novelty. I dig it, and you should buy it. JB has it, so stop complaining.


77 boutique fuzz pedals out of 100


Written by saimagery

September 26, 2008 at 5:52 am

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