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ATP Australia – All The Details

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So, my night up consisted of losing poker, and a lot of reading this message:

“Down for maintenance.

If you’re that anxious, please stop hitting refresh. It’s only making things take longer.”

So really, good night all around.

Whilst waiting for the official lineup, Nick Cave is obviously playing with his Bad Seeds. So are The Saints (holy shitting awesome!), Spiritualized, Ed Kuepper’s Laughing Clowns, James Blood Ulmer… Tickets are $199 not incl. accomodation (which can be on mountain or in Mansfield)… Bridezilla just got confirmed by the SMH along with Robert Forster from the Go Betweens. Jesus, you couldn’t tell the Cavemeister was behind this…

You know, when you read this, it won’t be half as painstaking and boring as when I wrote it. I hope you appreciate that it’s now 0023 and I’ve been refreshing forums/ATP site for the last 30mins getting skerrits of information here and there… So far it seems better than Big Day Out. I mean, that wasn’t exactly going to be difficult.

EDIT: It’s now 0117 Wednesday morning and the site is still down. I had to drive back from the parents place where the above was written, and I have a lineup, but not much else. All the details? Not really. With any luck, tomorrow I’ll be able to fill you in more…

ATP Australia Lineup…

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
The Saints
Robert Forster
Silver Apples
M Gira
Fuck Buttons
James Blood Ulmer
The Necks
Laughing Clowns

F to the Uck Buttons! Sign me up.

EDIT #2: Tickets are on sale, uh, FUCKING NOW! I’ve put in my accommodation request, have you?


Written by saimagery

September 30, 2008 at 3:17 pm

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