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AC/DC, who is Bob Lefsetz’s favourite band at the moment, are releasing their new album ‘Black Ice‘ through Wal Mart, and Wal Mart only, in the US. No iTunes, no Amazon, no HMV (except Canadia, where they are being sold exclusively, eh), no Virgin Megastore, no local record shop in the cool part of town.

So, they’re greedy motherfuckers basically. Whether it’s them and/or their record company, I can’t be sure, but either way, this shit ain’t right. 

The won’t sell through iTunes purely because they want it experienced as an album. The lead single is ‘Rock and Roll Train’. Uh… wait? So, I can’t just buy the single? Then why promote the single if I have to buy it as an album? 

Oh wait, nevermind. It’s leaked. Just proves the only way to have any chance of preventing an album leaking is to avoid all pre-promotion. Ever. 

Here’s my original analogy of the music industry regarding leaks: It’s Christmas Eve and the kids (consumers) are home alone because Mummy and Daddy (the record companies) are out getting drunk. Fortunately, us kids have got mighty good at sneaking a peek at the presents. Why the fuck do we care if we don’t wait? Man, I wish I had enough internet speed to bother with torrents. Looks like AC/DC isn’t the only luddite in the room.

Lefsetz article here.

Record store rebellion here.


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October 9, 2008 at 2:28 am

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