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Myspace is so 2008

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Ever heard of Soundcloud? Neither had I until about 20mins ago. Basically, there was a time when the most viable option for an artist to put up music was Myspace. The catch was a heap of shit, in the way of advertising and ‘friends’ and whatnot. Really, who cares? All I wanted to do was stream music of bands I hadn’t heard about. Then work blocked it, and I’ve been on there maybe twice in the past several months. 

So basically, Soundcloud is much like what I’d forsee Muxtape to end up like. If you get a chance, read the essay on the Muxtape mainpage. Worth it.

Soundcloud also has waveforms for each song, which makes the music nerd in me lose all inhibitions. Seriously, for such a small feature, it adds a whole lot of cool.

My new solo project (currently titled ‘Heute-und’ which is so pretentious it could be wearing a black turtleneck) will be taking advantage of this service as well as Tumblr for my blog posts. I figure that this is as good as myspace’s services, and with a little link here and there between them, pretty much seamless. 

The catch? You’re making under-produced, unfocused, and unpopular ‘experimental’ electronica that actually sounds like a demo from a 1992 Yamaha Keyboard. A cheap one at that too.

Oh, that’s just me?


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October 15, 2008 at 5:45 am

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