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Made Out of Babies

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Whilst trawling L’Internets for house music and remixes after an epic DJ session on Saturday night where I learnt to fully love 126-132bpm (like I needed help), I came across the very anti-thesis of what I was looking for, and I loved it.


Made Out of Babies are a Brooklyn heavy-noise-post-something-metal-ish-rock band that make some fucking cool tunes. For the past few months I’ve been flirting with punk and metal like the ex lovers we are, and I think I may end up cheating on the more ‘open minded’ (if you want to get all pretentious) indie-dance scene I’ve been going out with. It could be a quarter life crisis, or it could be the impending 4 hours 2 days of Soundwave I’ll be watching whilst waiting for Nine Inch Nails, that I’ll need to love. Mind you, about 45mins-an hour of that will be Face to Face, so I’m sure I’ll survive.

Check their website to stream some MP3’s and if you likey, some blogs around the traps may actually have links to download said tracks…


Also, in case you didn’t get the hint, I DJ at Bar 32 on Saturday nights any time from 2230-0330, so get down there and listen to me try and mix house with dance with post-punk with metal with etc. $5 per request, and I can’t guarantee I’ll play it.


Written by saimagery

October 27, 2008 at 12:43 am

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  1. damn she is hot!

    obi one kenobi

    October 31, 2008 at 10:56 am

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