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O in the Park

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Those who write media releases write newspapers.


“O week in Canberra is a yearly tradition that welcomes first year students to university and gives them a chance to loosen up and socialise in a relaxed environment before plunging head first into the merciless world of tutorials, textbooks and two minute noodles.

Friction & Lexington Music, ACT’s own promoters behind Foreshore & Wareshouse festivals have teamed up with ANU and UC campuses to deliver the ultimate O week celebration!

Across multiple stages you’ll catch some of the hottest headline talent representing indie, rock, hip hop, dance & more!

While we are keeping the venue under wraps just for now, we can tell you it’s a very exciting outdoor space fit for thousands of party mad uni students and all their friends!

O In The Park is set to be the largest social event of O Week that provides the opportunity to meeting and party with your new classmates, friends and other likeminded people from both inside and outside your own campus.

University social and residential groups will be participating on the day, getting involved with a whole host ofdaytime activities and stalls alongside the bands and DJs rocking this major event!

Line up announced early November!”

I’m excited. These guys, whilst being dance-centric, do pull some good headliners, and if they’re doing a crossover festival, sweet. I do have four words though: EDDY. CURRENT. SUPRESSION. RING.


Written by saimagery

October 31, 2008 at 5:08 am

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