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Does anyone still read this shit?

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Welcome back to a new year. I probably should have made a new years resolution to update this more often, but then sometimes I make resolutions to quit smoking, even though I don’t smoke. It’s funny at the time, trust me.

Sex on Fire won the Hottest 100. If you didn’t see that coming, you’re an idiot. Plain and simple. Maaaaaybe Electric Feel had a chance, a really slim chance, but those $1.40 odds were correct on the Kings.

Canberra photographer Andrew Mayo has been at it for a while now and is putting together an exhibition at a few places in Canberra. Check it out, because galleries are so much cooler and more ‘hip’ than Flickr will EVER be.

I try to keep things a little highbrow on these pages (really, I do), but this is news that is too crazy not to post…

Does anyone remember Operator Please? They did that Ping Pong song on the Forrest Gump soundtrack right? Well anyway, they once were semi-important, but then their keyboardist Sarah Gardiner left. The last time I saw them, she was bawling her eyes out on stage and it was actually quite depressing to watch, and I mean that.

Well, OP hasn’t been heard of in a while, but it seems Gardiner has moved onto greener pastures: Pornography. Don’t worry, it’s SFW.

To put this bluntly, I did not see that coming. No pun intended. You have to ask if she thought that no one would notice.

Now, to get more people reading this, and to get us to write more, how about you write in the comments section which Australian alterna-pop star you think will follow this path to pornography…


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January 27, 2009 at 11:00 pm

The Vines Cancel All Dates

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Press releases/journo’s etc…

It is with a great deal of regret that The Vines today announced that they have cancelled all of their Australian festival appearances – Homebake, Pyramid Rock and Big Day Out – and their forthcoming Japanese tour scheduled for late November .

Craig Nicholls’ mental condition has deteriorated extremely rapidly over the past month to the point where he requires immediate help over an extended period of time.

Craig’s fellow band members Hamish Rosser, Ryan Griffiths and Brad Heald are all extremely saddened by this turn of events and wish to extend their heartfelt thanks to all the fans, friends and family who have shown faith in the band since their successful return to the live stage in 2006.

“On behalf of The Vines we would like to extend our sincerest apologies to those of you who have bought tickets to see us perform and will not get to do so” said Hamish. “We are all absolutely devastated that we’ve been forced to cancel all upcoming shows as there’s nothing we love more than playing on stage before an enthusiastic audience.
We ask for your understanding in this situation”

The band and management wish to extend a massive thanks to all of the promoters who showed such faith in the band by adding them to their bills, and to thank each and every one of them for their sensitivity and understanding of the band’s situation.

Big Day Out Co-Ordinator Sahara Herald Shepherd said

“The entire Big Day Out family is deeply saddened by the news that Craig Nicholls and his band The Vines will not be joining us on our 2009 summer tour. The Vines performances at the 2007 Big Day Out were nothing short of dazzling and they will be greatly missed. That said, we recognise that now is the time for Craig to focus on re-gaining his health. Our thoughts and best wishes are with him and his family at this time.

The band and Craig’s family would like to ask that sensitivity be shown at a difficult time and ask that this statement be taken as their only comment on this matter.


The Vines


As bad as their music is, mental health issues bite, so psych that puppy up dude.

In other news, this means no more contracts. Or does it?

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November 14, 2008 at 6:33 am

Apparently We Talk About Photos Sometimes.

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By now most of you would be aware of the Bill Henson ‘is it porn, is it art?’ saga that broke a couple of months ago.

Last week, Fairfax newspapers (SMH and The Age) ran an extract by David Marr from his new book about Henson in their Saturday Good Weekend magazine. This provided a new piece of information for Henson critics to run with (that he had scouted for models at a Primary School). Thus, the debate was re-ignited.

Now, I’m not going to get into my opinions on the subject, nor am I going to re-hash the events of the past week. What I will do however, is just mention that these same newspapers today ran a story on East Timorese kids, including a large photograph of two naked boys, one with clearly visible genitalia.

Conservatives, do your worst. Provide me with some entertainment this week. Will there be any reaction to this, or will it idly pass by? Let’s wait and see…

More music-based reporting tomorrow kids.

P.S. Fuck censorship. *cough*

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October 11, 2008 at 3:19 am

Competition Time!

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Because we’re giving so much free shit away… Not.

We’re no HoboGestapo-like creatures who can give stuff away themselves! Holy shit no. Although, enter that comp. 

First of all, Canon have their Photo5 comp up and running again. Basically you get a box, then you take creative photos of it (black and white @ ISO 3200 always makes things ‘creative’), then you win $5000 to spend on Canon stuff. Pretty good deal. If nothing else, they send you a box full of stuff. Everyone’s a winner!

Another comp worth entering is UncharTED. If you’re a band and you’re good (it helps), then enter this. Why? Because you get to play at the Big Day Out. Now, you’re probably thinking that this is useless and most bands from Australia will play a BDO at some stage, but the fact is, you’re wrong. Neil Young is going to be there, and you will have VIP Artist passes or something, so you can keep on rocking in the free world away from the bogans. You can also win an Epiphone guitar, which is sweet, although if you’re like me, you’d sell it to pay for next week’s rent. Another perk is that Toohey’s Extra Dry are the main sponsor of the comp, so you’d more than likely get hooked up with beer, and ED is better than a lot of other shit out there. Maybe they might even give you some of that 7% Platinum stuff.

Our competition is that the first person to leave a comment naming the new members of Wolfmother gets a free ticket to my new band‘s first gig. Sweet deal. Hopefully we play Transit Bar first.

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September 15, 2008 at 1:04 am

Look out! It’s the RIAA!

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The Recording Industry Association of America (The RIAA aka Satan’s Winged Monkeys), has been a bit active the last few days.

First off, Muxtape, that wonderful little site that brings back the joy of sharing and discovering music has been shut down indefinately, despite Muxtape providing each song with a link to Amazon to buy it, and not offering up a way to download the track. Nevertheless, you can’t test out songs apparently. Pay up, then find out you don’t like the song, or do like the song.

Who The Bloody Hell Are They? is a totally amazing site with daily updates about new Australian music worth pinning your ears to. They’ve also been hassled (via their web host) by the RIAA. Rather than explain it here, this is the link to their post, which is a really good read nonetheless.

Speaking of Whothehell, they’ve been championing Gin Wigmore recently, and last night I got to see her for the first time. I’m sure the words ‘Amy’ and ‘Winehouse’ were mentioned a lot in the crowd, but she did pretty well. She would be the indie kid’s Gabriella Cilmi, or the ‘Australian’ (Gin is from NZ) equivilent to Adele or Duffy, which isn’t a bad place to be. I was taking photos of Pete Murray for Fasterlouder, so as you can imagine I didn’t hang around after my 3 songs were up. Apparently the sound was really bad. Pictures are up on my flickr, but none of Pete since the lights on him were as boring as a meeting of birdwatchers, so just the band with the fancy lights behind them.

Boombox’s for the MP3 Generation + Trackside 2008

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Nathan hooked me up with a link to Lyle Owerko today. Safe to say I haven’t been this impressed and moved by a photographer in a long long time. Oh how I miss the mighty boombox.

He’s even got a nifty music blog too!

I didn’t know someone who makes such awesome dubstep would keep calling them ‘tunes’ all the time. He better win the Mercury.

You’ll be as pleased as I am to know Dan Boud is back! Check out his Splendour photos on his flickr, because they’re rad. Here’s my favourite.

Trackside lineup has been posted on their Facebook page.


Not bad. Good lineup for inbetween Stonefest and Foreshore. All we need is Midnight Juggernauts to play Stonefest and the Holy Trinity of Australian Nu-Rave Electro would be playing the three festivals. Good to see Sparkadia, bluejuice, Little Red, and Los Cap on the lineup.

Link Central + Wolfmother breaking up? Yes. Yes they are.

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So, the rumours were true and the 505th most original band in Sydney has called it a day. Chris Ross (the bassist) left due to ‘irreconcilable differences’ and Myles Heskitt (the other guy (a fancy way of saying ‘drummer’)) left because he didn’t want to be part of a changed lineup. How funny!

Read the press release, and breathe a sigh of relief, here. Good to know originality has a fighting chance.

The karaoke could be over! After 5 years plugging the same songs, Australia’s answer to Jet could be climbing their Stairway to Heaven. Now, I may be Paranoid, but I’m pretty sure there ain’t a Whole Lotta LoveJJJ’s website… left in the band, and they’ve stopped giving interviews with only this short statement on their website.

As soon as triple j arrived at Splendour In The Grass on Saurday, much speculation was circulating about Wolfmother’s future. Rumours from the band breaking up through to line-up changes were being mentioned. triple j was due to interview singer Andrew Stockdale a couple of hours before their appearance closing the Supertop Stage at the Byron Bay festival on Sunday night. Management issued a statement to the station prior to the scheduled interview saying: “The band is dealing with some internal issues at the moment. They’re hoping to resolve them in the next few weeks but in the meantime it just wouldn’t be appropriate for any member to be doing any interviews – even with triple j.”

I’m also assuming they don’t want to talk to us either. Seems like they’ve run out of psych bands to emulate. That, or they want to do a reunion tour next year. They could be upset about Modular’s $5.9 million loss. If they break up, then release an album and become revered for it because of their ‘unrealised potential’ I’ll probably neck myself.

Here’s a good quote…

“The Beatles or Led Zeppelin are the ultimate archetypes for what a rock band can and should be. I’ve just suffered through Wolfmother at some festival we just played. Come on, guys! You know what I mean.

“I’m not saying they do a bad job but they’re a f***ing cover band. Not to single those poor young men out, but . . . ” – Trent Reznor in The Sun

The Financial Times have a nice little article about music downloading. One thing to remember though: To many music fans, the record company, the distribution company, the CD shops, even the band, they all represent ‘the man’. Illegal downloading will always happen because some people are just too cool. We should all bow down before them. Why else would someone illegally download free albums? Torrent speed? Meh.

Speaking of Radiohead, can someone link me to some awesome pictures of their seemingly awesome stage setup? I’m yet to see a great and amazing picture. Much like Nine Inch Nails’ stage setup. It’s all camera phones. Lame.

I’m listening to M83 right now, and this music is so epic that I just know it’s all going to work out. Everything. Ever. Stop worrying. I paid for this too. Your kids can’t rummage through your MP3 collection when you’re older you know…

Where’s Dan Boud been lately?

Did everyone who went enjoy Splendour? Yet again it seems the real fesitval magic happens at the sideshows. Check out the rest of his photos. Awesome.

Oh, and this is the funniest read I’ve had in a long time…

“There is no evidence to suggest that the type of music you listen to will cause you to commit suicide, but those who are vulnerable and at risk of committing suicide may be listening to certain types of music,” the author of the study, Felicity Baker, said yesterday.

However, watch the results from the latter half of the sentence turn into the presumptions in the former half.