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Eddy Current Suppression Ring Win The AMP

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First off, yeah, sorry it’s been a while. To the 20-30 odd people who still come to the site, I love you, and would do you if you’re hot.

Secondly, the best plumbing-named band in the history of Melbourne won $30 000 worth of Australian Music Prize today. That’s awesome. I personally was gunning for The Drones, but hey, they have one under their belt already. 

As long as it wasn’t The Presets (not that I have anything against them, despite Julian giving bloggers shit in Rolling Stone, but fair call, we are all hacks who can’t get a real journalism job) because they won more than their fair share already.

So, kudo’s to Edward’s Topical Band of Censorship. 

I also promise to update this a little more regularly. 


OH! Update your bookmarks to include .wordpress.com after LNAP because I can’t afford/be bothered to pay for the domain… yet.


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March 20, 2009 at 2:48 am

Big Alternative Day Out

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Back in the day, there was a Full Frontal sketch that was a fake ad for a music festival called the ‘Big Alternative Day Out’. At the time I think I was 10 years old or something, so most of the meaning was lost on me, however the name has stuck in my head for over a decade since and I’m now very, very glad to use it in an article on the Big Day Out.
For those of you who live in a shoe, here’s the first announcement:
  • Neil Young
  • My Morning Jacket
  • Arctic Monkeys
  • TV On The Radio
  • The Prodigy
  • Eddy Current Suppression Ring
  • The Living End
  • Cog
  • The Grates
  • Youth Group
  • Cut Copy
  • The Ting Tings
  • Bullet For My Valentine
  • Pendulum
  • Simian Mobile Disco
  • Sneaky Sound System
  • TZU
So, as you can tell from that stellar lineup, the party will be at my place. I’ll be farting into a kazoo whilst my flatmates hit pots and pans with wooden spoons, and then you can drink overpriced beer and pass out on my balcony wrapped in an Australian flag that was made in China. I figure this is a viable alternative to the aforementioned Medium Day Out.
See you all at the TVOTR sideshow.

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September 29, 2008 at 10:53 pm

Chaingang, or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Post Punk

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So when a band such as Pinky Tuscadero splits, what do you get? The thrashing and convulsing messes that are Lions At Your Door and Chaingang. Due to incompetance/being drunk or something, I missed LAYD when they came to Canberra, so I wasn’t planning on missing Chaingang, and thank fuck for that. Lead singer Hayley was throwing herself around the stage, onto seats, tables, and sometimes just sitting on the floor for no other reason than it just being there. Totally awesome, and certainly not the usual crowd they have at Transit for such gigs. Anyways, check them out, and check out Bridgemary Kiss, who opened for them, as they were pretty rad and their drummer is a maniac on the hi hats.

^ These guys just got announced for Foreshore: Attack of the Killer P’s. Pnau were awesome last time I saw them, so it will be good to (hopefully) shoot them again.

In other festival news, Neil Young has been all but confirmed for Big Day Out 2009. Not the most obvious choice. Will he headline, or will he be put before a popular hard rock/metal band ala Bjork and have to ‘cancel’ his appearance in Sydney due to ‘illness’? Put him on last, that way the people who matter (people like you and I) can appreciate him without the inevitable bogan influence.

Oh, and anyone bored on Saturday nights, come by Bar 32 on Northbourne Ave around midnight/0030 to catch myself and K-Rad from Bawley on the decks learning how to crossfade. Yeow! Good music, not so good transitions. Maybe I just speak for myself there.

Written by saimagery

September 2, 2008 at 6:48 am