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Eddy Current Suppression Ring Win The AMP

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First off, yeah, sorry it’s been a while. To the 20-30 odd people who still come to the site, I love you, and would do you if you’re hot.

Secondly, the best plumbing-named band in the history of Melbourne won $30 000 worth of Australian Music Prize today. That’s awesome. I personally was gunning for The Drones, but hey, they have one under their belt already. 

As long as it wasn’t The Presets (not that I have anything against them, despite Julian giving bloggers shit in Rolling Stone, but fair call, we are all hacks who can’t get a real journalism job) because they won more than their fair share already.

So, kudo’s to Edward’s Topical Band of Censorship. 

I also promise to update this a little more regularly. 


OH! Update your bookmarks to include .wordpress.com after LNAP because I can’t afford/be bothered to pay for the domain… yet.


Written by saimagery

March 20, 2009 at 2:48 am