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Paul’s Boutique of Internet Re-Issues

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…or something.

Anyway, the hip hop group that paved the way for such luminaries as Eminem, Vanilla Ice, Marky Mark, and Kevin Federline, has re-issued their seminal sophomore LP Paul’s Boutique, and rather than just do some half-arsed ‘check it out, I panned the guitars to the left when on the original they were in the right channel’ remix, they’ve done that AND added some crazy extra shit for uncool people like you (read: us) to download.

Much like when Trent “Nine Inch Nail(s)” Reznor released Ghosts I-IV last year, there are a variety of price points and extra goodies for those of you who ruined music by stealing it in 2002 and now force artists to throw in extra product just so you might buy the music, because you might want a t-shirt as well.

In all seriousness, however, the 8x1ft poster is the fucking business. Also, the website is like an adventure playground, and you can play cowbell along to Hey Ladies.

Get funky here.


Written by saimagery

February 4, 2009 at 4:57 am

Did Hip Hop Die?

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Well according to Nas it died a few years ago and to be honest, it’s very hard to disagree with him.


Since the golden age of Hip Hop there has been very few artists that have been groundbreaking and that demand to challenge listeners with clever informative lyrical content and amazing production techniques.

Last year Hip Hop reached an all time low when the highlight of the year was the short lived but much hyped competition between 50 Cent and Kanye West, to see who could out sell each other in album sales.

What happened to artists engaging the listener to think and to lose their shit at the same time like, Public Enemy and A Tribe Called Quest. Or the quirky lyrics and dope production of De La Soul and the Beastie Boys. West and east coast gangsta rap was also groundbreaking with artists such as NWA and the Wu Tang Clan with Dre and RZA’s amazing production and the many legendary charismatic MC’s such as Ice Cube(NWA) and Ghostface Killah(Wu Tang). I mean what is it today? G Unit and The Game!. Even worse, Snoop colloborates with the Pussycat Dolls! Who would of ever thought the D to the G would stoop so low!

Well thankfully there have been a few artists that have come out in the last few years to challenge all this shit! Here is a selection of who I think people should check out. Now fizzle that nizzle and get bizzle!

The Cool Kids


I saw these guys at St Jeromes this year and they bring that ol school bboy vibe, funny as fuck and a laid back groove to their lyrics. Highly Recommended!

Spank Rock


Bringing all kinds of dirty lyrics and party vibe to the table is MC Spank Rock. Gets all of his now famous friends such as XXXchange for amazing funky production. This is all happening while he spits out lyrics of pretty much one thing, rooting. The new 2 Live crew. Check out this video for some ol school 2 live Crew goodness.

Lastly Kid Sister



ohhhhhhhhh this cool chick is all about the party and she is the solo salt n pepa!


That’s it for me, now get your bling and those Run DMC Adidas shoes on, then get on that good foot and do the bad thing.


Peace out