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Tipaklon’s Best Albums/Singles/Gig of 2008!

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What a year, hey!?

It has flown so fast and in the world of music even faster. The death of cd sales is coming closer and we have seen more festival’s pop up this year than ever. Kanye West’s head is getting bigger, and The Presets and Kings Of Leon have become so popular your little sister will know them. Yes that’s right, they made the latest So Fresh cd. Also it was the year of Metallica releasing Death Magnetic (doesn’t anyone else think he sounds like the singer from Nickelback these days) and we finally saw the new Guns n Roses album on a shelf, but who really gives a shit about them anymore?

We have also seen some pretty decent releases this year and here is my list (Nathan’s that is, Simon’s will be up soon!) with a quick summary on each. Albums from these artists that narrowly missed the cut were The Sun Blindness, Spiritualized, Mogwai, Mercy Arms, The Drones, No Age and Flying Lotus.



10. Cut Copy – In Ghost Colours

Cutters went mainstream with this electro/pop/disco opus and many years of constant touring paid off when this went number 1. Nearly all tracks of this could of been released as singles, demonstrating the overall quailty of album 2 for the Melbourne Lads.


9. King Khan & The Shrines – The Supreme Genius of…

If you haven’t heard of these guys then get of your ass and see the light. Vice records have made it easy for you all and released this best of compilation of the great showman/sex machine King Khan and his band of merry men. If you like your soul, 60’s era rolling stones and a touch of funk, then what are you waiting for?


8. Fleet Foxes – Self Titled

Those harmonies!

7. Friendly Fires 

If one more disco-punk band came out I was seriously going to cry. Way too many angular guitars, ESG basslines and terrible Van She haircuts, but then this came along! What the Klaxons should of sounded like and they have more funk than any white guys I know. If you want to boogie and get down, then purchase this and hit the dancefloor, pronto!


6.  Yeasayer – All Hour Cymbals

This album is quite a trip into some serious catchy psychedelic almost tribal music. So many influences on this album yet it is somehow so hard to find them. “2080” is a wonderful song that makes me so happy every time I hear it, but this an album that needs to be played in full, it truly is a great trip to be taken.


5. Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago

Wow what a voice. Like Jeff Buckley reinacarnated into a hairy lumberjack looking man, this is a beautiful album that you must listen to. Gives me goosebumps every time this gets played, if you know what I mean.


4. Deerhunter – Microcastle

Mr Brandon Cox is truly the man. That voice of his when drenched in reverb is truly breathtaking and combine that with the truly underated rhythm section and the three way attack of shoegaze guitars. Cryptograms was very special, but this is almost a stripped down version of that and still sounds amazing.

3. Hercules & Love Affair – Self Titled

Holy Disco Batman! Who would of ever thought of combining the strange voice of Antony with disco beats! seriously this sooooo good. The two ladies otherside of him are fantastic as well and if it wasn’t for the outrageous price of Nevereverland and the thought of having to see The Presets and Cut Copy for the millionth time, then i would be there front row and getting my disco on like John Travolta pre-Qantas.


2. M83 – Saturdays=Youth

This really does sound like a John Hughes movie soundtrack, it just aint funny. It also reminds of a scene in The Neverending Story when Falcor is riding into the sky with that great big nose of his. Yes this album is that good.


1. TV on the Radio – Dear Science

No explanation for this is needed, but I will say one thing. Buy this album!

Ohhh and also I got tickets to see them, did you?




5. Neon Neon – Dream Cars

4. Tame Impala – Glass Half Full of Wine

3. Yacht – Summer song

2. The Juan Maclean – Happy House

1. MGMT – Kids

Has there been a bigger band this year?! Seriously they have been everywhere, from bond ads, to making it in every clothing shop accross Australia. They have been the definition of hype but the album is pretty damn good but this song i just cant ever remove from the side of my brain. “Indie” anthems and pysch indie pop gems, but “Kids” has rightly taken 2008 by the balls and made every person sing the opening beats to it, come on you know the one, doo doo doo doo doo dah dah dah do…….. do. Okay here it is


Most Disapointing Album of 2008

1. Kings Of Leon – Only by the night

What a bloated pile of shit of an album, overproduced and so many disgustingly bad power ballads. What happened to the rough and ready, southern indie hillbilly jams of the first album! This is what touring with U2 and Pearl Jam does to you. In the end teenage girls and Sony are loving every moment of it.


Gig of 2008 was The National. A truly special band and night, were you there?


Lismore: A crazy mix of NYC and Australia

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Lismore isn’t just a sub-tropical city in New South Wales, Australia that is also a major regional centre in the Northern Rivers region of the state, it’s also the name of a kick ass dreamy euro-pop/electro-clash band that’s (for the most part) from the U.S.A.

My story starts like this: One dark, cold and lonely night, I’m trawling the inta-web for Smashing Pumpkins related wondrousness. Then lo and behold! Here is it. A cover of the Pumpkins smash hit 1979 by some band called Lismore.
“That’s a bit random” I thinks to meself, “I wonder if they are from Lismore?” After a bit of searching, I find that they are actually American. But after further searching, googling and other assorted forms of ‘looking’, I discover that the band’s singer is (while also being a total hottie) a born and bred Aussie!

Ok, so she’s an Aussie and they’re based in the States, but when Lismore crack the big time, we’re claiming them as our own!

But now my curiosity had well and truly piqued. I had to know – what was the Lismore connection to Lismore. LNaP tracked down Penelope from the band, strapped her to a chair, shone a bright light in her face and interrogated her on behalf of the band.

Loud Noise and Pictures: First off – I’ve gotta ask about Penelope. What are your ties to Australia? Are you actually from Lismore?
Penelope: I was born in Sydney and spent all my school years in Lismore. Since then, there are no more ties to the area. All my family are based in Brisbane/Hobart/Perth but I live in NYC. When I mentioned the name to Stephen as a possible name for our project he said “What is Lismore?” and therefore we agreed upon it, as it appeared some kind of random word. No one in America knows of Lismore the town in NSW.  🙂

LNaP: How did the partnership with Stephen happen, and what is his background?
Penelope: We met as neighbours and discussed working on writing songs together. Stephen was over Drum’n’Bass (he was formerly DJ Kingsize) and looking to collaborate, and to form a ‘band’, so to speak. He is a native Ohio lad. 😉

LNaP: I must admit – until I stumbled across Lismore online, I had no idea you existed. How is your profile in the USA? And how big are you guys in Australia?
Penelope: Here in the States we have toured throughout. A full national tour last year, a Canadian tour and East coast tour previous to that, and a West Coast tour in May this year and we just got back from the Midwest. We are yet to make a physical presence back home but are well circulated on blogs read globally. No releases as of yet distributed in Australia (a few things in the pipeline though) Overall though, we get a great response here in the States, great crowds etc.

LNaP: You already have some wonderful songs up on your MySpace page, where does your inspiration for the music come from?
Penelope: Thanx! Inspiration comes from FUN, lots of it… and fantasy. Also love, happiness, travel…oh goodness, I don’t know!

LNaP: What sort of response do you get from audiences at gigs and what kind of reaction have you gotten from the ‘All That You Are’ EP?
Penelope: Audiences are surprised by our energy live! Often with recordings it is hard to convey how energetic our live show is. We get lots of folk dancing and ‘letting go’. It is all about everyone having fun. The EP was self-released and did quite well, but we are now looking forward to our forthcoming full length release in October (digital only).

LNaP: Past or present – what artists would you love to open/love to have opened for?
Penelope: Devo, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Cut Copy, LCD Soundsystem, Midnight Juggernauts, to name a few off the top of my head…so so many more great artists out there though…

LNaP: Lismore is featured as one of 57 bands on the Buffet Libre 80’s Cover Project (covering ‘Wot’ by The Damned’s Captain Sensible) alongside Aussies, Pomomofo, Julian Nation, CSK OK and The Paper Scissors, as well as a host of other international talent – how did that all come about?
Penelope: They approached us and we said YES. 🙂

LNaP: Where does Lismore end and (the remix auxiliary wing of the band) LSMR begin? How do the two band entities co-habitat?
Penelope: It really is just a more DJ friendly version of what we do as a band. We enjoy working with other artists work and giving it our twist.

LNaP: You guys are penciled in for some Australian shows early next year, do you have any more details on where and when and what to expect?
Penelope: It could all begin in December but most likely we will be playing shows in January in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. What to expect? Hmmm, LOTS of energy, fun, basically a crazy mix of NYC and Australia.

Thanks a bunch to Penelope from Lismore for being a sport.

Lismore has a great sound that would really suit a support spot at a Cut Copy, Presets, Midnight Juggernauts, etc show.
So if you dig those bands – go do yourself (and your internet provider) a favour and listen to some of Lismore’s sounds on their myspace. Or their remix side project LSMR. Or do a web search for Lismore mp3’s. There’s heaps available to download online. Then there is the Buffet Libre 80’s Cover Project.
Or if you wanna be a bit legit – search for Lismore in your iTunes store.

Do it – go out and discover Lismore for yourself, then see them when they tour Australia!


More Cowbell!

Boombox’s for the MP3 Generation + Trackside 2008

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Nathan hooked me up with a link to Lyle Owerko today. Safe to say I haven’t been this impressed and moved by a photographer in a long long time. Oh how I miss the mighty boombox.

He’s even got a nifty music blog too!

I didn’t know someone who makes such awesome dubstep would keep calling them ‘tunes’ all the time. He better win the Mercury.

You’ll be as pleased as I am to know Dan Boud is back! Check out his Splendour photos on his flickr, because they’re rad. Here’s my favourite.

Trackside lineup has been posted on their Facebook page.


Not bad. Good lineup for inbetween Stonefest and Foreshore. All we need is Midnight Juggernauts to play Stonefest and the Holy Trinity of Australian Nu-Rave Electro would be playing the three festivals. Good to see Sparkadia, bluejuice, Little Red, and Los Cap on the lineup.

Snowman – The Horse, The Rat, and The Swan (Review) + MORE!

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Not only do these guys make good music, but they have good art direction. Winnar!

The Horse, The Rat, and The Swan is probably my local album of the year. Big call, I know, but seriously, this thing is epic. Spooky as hell in parts, the album brings in some awesome sounds to the mix. First track Our Mother (She Remembers) has some awesome distorted string action harking back to Touched off Loveless by My Bloody Valentine, and anyone who reads this knows I hold a great big euphimistic candle for those guys, so Snowman, you get points for that.

First single (and second track, just to be all chronological and shit), We Are The Plague, begins with a banging rhythm, then some soft ‘coos’ come in, some unintelligible lyrics join that, more coos, reverb-ed out guitars, more lyrics (only a bit more recognisable as English), and still the same beat, just in case you hadn’t figured out that this song is trying to repeatedly bash your head in to steal your mind and eventually your soul. So I guess, don’t mess with this song, because it’s the supernatural Patrick Bateman of songs. God that book was graphic. Rats anyone? Segue! Alright!

Other tracks worth losing your shit over are Daniel Was A Timebomb, The Horse [Parts 1 and 2] (which is THE most epic of epic songs on this album in my opinion), The Gods of the Upperhouse… actually, if I keep doing this, I’ll name every song on the album, so just get the album. Downloading is for 15yr olds anyway. 

91/100 Belinda Neal coverups.

In other news, Cut Copy (via Modular‘s weekly newsletter) has gone and got Hearts on Fire remixed by Midnight Juggernauts and you (yes, you!) can download ‘this’ 80’s synth and samples explosion for FREE!! Click me! Is ‘this’ the Juggies remix though? In my iTunes it’s says the Joakim remix. Am I stupid and missing a psuedonym? Possibly. Anyways, I’m not the biggest fan of the remix, but then again, I didn’t like Hearts on Fire to begin with. Nathan will hate me for saying that.

Also on the Modular newsletter was this picture:

If that doesn’t scream “Awesome facial hair!”, not much does. Unless we’re talking these guys. If only I could grow a healthy rug as opposed to the 1970’s council housing carpet I have on my face. Rancid.

AC/DC are also releasing some DVD’s of their old school concerts soon. I’m talking Madison Square Garden and the like. I’d link you, but I heard this from that ‘real world’ place you’ve heard about. Anyway, I only tell you this because when they are released, you might want to steer clear of K Mart and Aldi as all the bogans buy up the cheap DVD players. On the plus side, there will be a whole stack of perfectly usable VHS players in your local tip soon for those of us who still have those old tapes of Rage sitting in their house. Add this to their new album, and you get a whole lot of apathy from me. Not enough to NOT write about it though.

Coincidentally, Snowman’s We Are The Plague is indie clip of the week on Rage, so hit it up.

This guy takes amazing photos. He’s also moving to Australia soon, so expect some localised content, and someone should hook him up with all the photo passes he needs, because seriously, look at those photos! Wowie!

I know I ask for a lot (turntables, respect, my dignity back, and all those are still needed too) but does anyone have a delay pedal they want to sell? The crappier the better. Hit me up.

Um, what else… Check out our pages on the side ——> which tell you all sorts of awesome info about us (not really) and which sites we think are the shizniggity (yes really).