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Tipaklon’s Best Albums/Singles/Gig of 2008!

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What a year, hey!?

It has flown so fast and in the world of music even faster. The death of cd sales is coming closer and we have seen more festival’s pop up this year than ever. Kanye West’s head is getting bigger, and The Presets and Kings Of Leon have become so popular your little sister will know them. Yes that’s right, they made the latest So Fresh cd. Also it was the year of Metallica releasing Death Magnetic (doesn’t anyone else think he sounds like the singer from Nickelback these days) and we finally saw the new Guns n Roses album on a shelf, but who really gives a shit about them anymore?

We have also seen some pretty decent releases this year and here is my list (Nathan’s that is, Simon’s will be up soon!) with a quick summary on each. Albums from these artists that narrowly missed the cut were The Sun Blindness, Spiritualized, Mogwai, Mercy Arms, The Drones, No Age and Flying Lotus.



10. Cut Copy – In Ghost Colours

Cutters went mainstream with this electro/pop/disco opus and many years of constant touring paid off when this went number 1. Nearly all tracks of this could of been released as singles, demonstrating the overall quailty of album 2 for the Melbourne Lads.


9. King Khan & The Shrines – The Supreme Genius of…

If you haven’t heard of these guys then get of your ass and see the light. Vice records have made it easy for you all and released this best of compilation of the great showman/sex machine King Khan and his band of merry men. If you like your soul, 60’s era rolling stones and a touch of funk, then what are you waiting for?


8. Fleet Foxes – Self Titled

Those harmonies!

7. Friendly Fires 

If one more disco-punk band came out I was seriously going to cry. Way too many angular guitars, ESG basslines and terrible Van She haircuts, but then this came along! What the Klaxons should of sounded like and they have more funk than any white guys I know. If you want to boogie and get down, then purchase this and hit the dancefloor, pronto!


6.  Yeasayer – All Hour Cymbals

This album is quite a trip into some serious catchy psychedelic almost tribal music. So many influences on this album yet it is somehow so hard to find them. “2080” is a wonderful song that makes me so happy every time I hear it, but this an album that needs to be played in full, it truly is a great trip to be taken.


5. Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago

Wow what a voice. Like Jeff Buckley reinacarnated into a hairy lumberjack looking man, this is a beautiful album that you must listen to. Gives me goosebumps every time this gets played, if you know what I mean.


4. Deerhunter – Microcastle

Mr Brandon Cox is truly the man. That voice of his when drenched in reverb is truly breathtaking and combine that with the truly underated rhythm section and the three way attack of shoegaze guitars. Cryptograms was very special, but this is almost a stripped down version of that and still sounds amazing.

3. Hercules & Love Affair – Self Titled

Holy Disco Batman! Who would of ever thought of combining the strange voice of Antony with disco beats! seriously this sooooo good. The two ladies otherside of him are fantastic as well and if it wasn’t for the outrageous price of Nevereverland and the thought of having to see The Presets and Cut Copy for the millionth time, then i would be there front row and getting my disco on like John Travolta pre-Qantas.


2. M83 – Saturdays=Youth

This really does sound like a John Hughes movie soundtrack, it just aint funny. It also reminds of a scene in The Neverending Story when Falcor is riding into the sky with that great big nose of his. Yes this album is that good.


1. TV on the Radio – Dear Science

No explanation for this is needed, but I will say one thing. Buy this album!

Ohhh and also I got tickets to see them, did you?




5. Neon Neon – Dream Cars

4. Tame Impala – Glass Half Full of Wine

3. Yacht – Summer song

2. The Juan Maclean – Happy House

1. MGMT – Kids

Has there been a bigger band this year?! Seriously they have been everywhere, from bond ads, to making it in every clothing shop accross Australia. They have been the definition of hype but the album is pretty damn good but this song i just cant ever remove from the side of my brain. “Indie” anthems and pysch indie pop gems, but “Kids” has rightly taken 2008 by the balls and made every person sing the opening beats to it, come on you know the one, doo doo doo doo doo dah dah dah do…….. do. Okay here it is


Most Disapointing Album of 2008

1. Kings Of Leon – Only by the night

What a bloated pile of shit of an album, overproduced and so many disgustingly bad power ballads. What happened to the rough and ready, southern indie hillbilly jams of the first album! This is what touring with U2 and Pearl Jam does to you. In the end teenage girls and Sony are loving every moment of it.


Gig of 2008 was The National. A truly special band and night, were you there?



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All Tomorrow’s Parties 2nd Round Announcement

Dead Meadow, The Reels, Psarandonis, Bill Callahan, Dirty Three performing Ocean Songs, Small Knives, The Holy Sea, Hunter Dienna, Passenger of Shit, and more to be announced. No Drones yet, but give it time, since they are playing the next two festivals I’m about to talk about.


Big Day Out 2nd Round Announcement

Serj Tankian, Dropkick Murphys, Black Kids, Hot Chip, Lupe Fiasco, Holy Ghost!, Z-Trip, Died Pretty, The Vines, Infusion, Children Collide, Pee Wee Ferris, Sparkadia, The Getaway Plan, Little Red, Mammal, Mercy Arms, Ajax, Andee Frost, The Drones.


Golden Plains Festival 1st Announcement



So basically The Drones are a bunch of festival sluts. I’m ok with it though since I saw them at Stonefest on Saturday and they were FUCKING AMAZING!


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Mercy Arms – Self Titled


I’ve getting as much work out of this description, so I’ll say it first: This album is perfect for lying in bed, hungover, on a hot Sunday afternoon with a significant other, either post-coital or reminiscing about 2001. Or both, why not?


The album certainly creates an ethereal mood much like a cross between Sigur Ros and maybe The Shins. Or at least what I’ve heard of The Shins, since I’m not a huge fan. My Bloody Valentine-lite? I don’t know. Either way, this album is pretty damn good. Not album of the year, but definitely one of those bands that could pull it off big time with their next album.


Or crash and burn horribly, but hey, I’m not one to make such high pressure calls.


81 tighty whiteys out of 100.




Grafton Primary – Eon


I’m probably going to be hugely biased in this review because I met these guys the other week and they insisted they pay for my dinner in exchange for good photos. I think I delivered, maybe, I don’t know.


Having seen Grafton Primary a few times live, I wasn’t sure they’d be able to bring the oddity that is their live show to a CD. They probably didn’t. Filled with synths, compressed beats and jangly little riffs, Eon is a tight little package filled with dance, and would be better filed alongside The Presets, than Cut Copy, if you know what I mean.


Maybe even Nine Inch Nails, circa Pretty Hate Machine, only without all the hate and unwound video tape.


73 Korg MS2000B’s out of 100



Black Dice – Load Blown


Hands down: Best title of the year.


Experimental music is partly the reason I started this site. Having always been a fan of pushing the envelope noise-wise, this year brought a few new experiences for me…


First off, I got a hold of a Merzbow & Carlos Giffoni Live CD that was one hour plus of total distortion. Aptly titled Synth Destruction, the album killed me and I don’t think I’ve listened to it since. It was that intense. If you do listen, at least check out the first track.


Then Fuck Buttons released the potential Album of the Year (in my opinion), Street Horrrsing. Awash with distorted synths and tribal rhythms, this brings the middle ground between blatant noise and experimental music to the fore. I would think that without the Merzbow/CG experience earlier on, I may have dismissed this album.


So Black Dice bring out Load Blown and it’s pretty similar in parts to Fuck Buttons. More ‘song like’ to some extent, Load Blown still manages to make noise exciting, as well as something you can actually get involved with, rather than something to be seen as a novelty. I dig it, and you should buy it. JB has it, so stop complaining.


77 boutique fuzz pedals out of 100

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September 26, 2008 at 5:52 am

The Process and Bachelor of Arts

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There are way too many indie bands that are quite shit. I don’t want to list them cause you will be reading this all night, but here is some top bands straight out of Melbourne yo.

First up is a band called The Process.


They mix the usual influences of post punk, but they put a new twist of things on the genre, mainly because of the singer’s barritone (not in the done to death Ian Curtis way), yet still, powerfully emotional voice.  They sound like The Birthday Party if they had more of a pop sensibility and high rotation. For me, at the moment, their killer tune is “The Void”.

They are touring all around Oz with another promising indie band Mercy Arms,. So get off the internet and check these bands out!

Next up is Bachelor Of Arts.


These guys mix aggressive punk with some relentless drumming and extremely raw angular post punk guitar. The song “Apathy” is a perfect example of the mad rhythms and pulsating bass that these guys create. While the singer almost cries out cryptic lyrics that no one understands. No one, that is, other than those people who study math rock.

A must listen are tracks “AMPM” & “Teresa.” Gee, these guys are really, really good and it’s illegal if you like your indie rock and you haven’t listen to these guys yet, so get on it!

Written by tipaklon

August 7, 2008 at 12:47 pm