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Does anyone still read this shit?

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Welcome back to a new year. I probably should have made a new years resolution to update this more often, but then sometimes I make resolutions to quit smoking, even though I don’t smoke. It’s funny at the time, trust me.

Sex on Fire won the Hottest 100. If you didn’t see that coming, you’re an idiot. Plain and simple. Maaaaaybe Electric Feel had a chance, a really slim chance, but those $1.40 odds were correct on the Kings.

Canberra photographer Andrew Mayo has been at it for a while now and is putting together an exhibition at a few places in Canberra. Check it out, because galleries are so much cooler and more ‘hip’ than Flickr will EVER be.

I try to keep things a little highbrow on these pages (really, I do), but this is news that is too crazy not to post…

Does anyone remember Operator Please? They did that Ping Pong song on the Forrest Gump soundtrack right? Well anyway, they once were semi-important, but then their keyboardist Sarah Gardiner left. The last time I saw them, she was bawling her eyes out on stage and it was actually quite depressing to watch, and I mean that.

Well, OP hasn’t been heard of in a while, but it seems Gardiner has moved onto greener pastures: Pornography. Don’t worry, it’s SFW.

To put this bluntly, I did not see that coming. No pun intended. You have to ask if she thought that no one would notice.

Now, to get more people reading this, and to get us to write more, how about you write in the comments section which Australian alterna-pop star you think will follow this path to pornography…


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January 27, 2009 at 11:00 pm

Review: The Presets, Cassette Kids at The Forum, Melbs 21/06/08

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Myself and Nath (who you’ll hear from soon) had a joint birthday party at The Presets gig last night. Holy shit, electro dance fun-derland! I think I’m still drunk writing this (I’m either that or early stage hungover, or both. Probably both) so bear with me…

When I turned up bang on 830, Cassette Kids were already playing so I rushed inside and got close to the front because they’re rad and their lead singer is pretty hot (if you ever read this, call me!). The last time I saw these guys was supporting Operator Please and that was in.. December maybe? Anyways, since last time, it looks like they’ve had a cash injection because in the 6 months they’ve:

1. Upgraded their equipment substantially (Ampeg amps, Fender Jag bass, and Rickenbacker guitars… I’m more jealous than anything else)

2. Brought out some merch.

3. Brought out an EP, which I forgot to buy last night, but ‘reviewers’ do their best work for free, so somebody hook me up…

I’m not complaining though. It’s good these guys are getting it over some other run of the mill post punk band. They’re making some pretty interesting noises with this new equipment, so, kudo’s? Who knows. Also when I saw them last I asked the guitarist if they had an EP, and it was all myspace at that time, so hard work pays off kids! Forum supporting Presets too, is a bit bigger than ANU (small setup) supporting Operator Please.

No offence to the ANU…

So… Presets… Pink blazers, beats-a-palooza, something else happened… I won’t lie, by this time I was sitting on the seats drunkenly trying my hardest to keep up with Kim’s open hat so I couldn’t tell you all the songs they played, but all your favourite Triple J and commercial fodder was there. Kicking and Screaming into My People was awesome though. The more bands that play album tracks sequentially like that, the better. Queens doing Feelgood into Lost Art at V Fest? *hip thrust* That was Melbourne too, maybe it’s a Melbourne thing…

After My People there was the encore (why do bands still do encores? The houselights aren’t on, we all know you’re coming back. Just play the two extra songs so we can all get to the bar/home/laid/backstage/toilet/church quicker dammit…) Um, I lost my punctuation there, so after the encore there were lasers for Anywhere (I think it was Anywhere) and it was like Tool all over again… Rad!

So I can’t remember many tracks, but just going through itunes I can remember they played pretty much all of Apocalyspo, and probably most of Beams… This remembering exercise ain’t working…

House party afterwards was fun too. Who’d have thought there’d be more people there from Iceland (per capita) than Canberra? Crazy.

Written by saimagery

June 22, 2008 at 1:37 am