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Eddy Current Suppression Ring Win The AMP

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First off, yeah, sorry it’s been a while. To the 20-30 odd people who still come to the site, I love you, and would do you if you’re hot.

Secondly, the best plumbing-named band in the history of Melbourne won $30 000 worth of Australian Music Prize today. That’s awesome. I personally was gunning for The Drones, but hey, they have one under their belt already. 

As long as it wasn’t The Presets (not that I have anything against them, despite Julian giving bloggers shit in Rolling Stone, but fair call, we are all hacks who can’t get a real journalism job) because they won more than their fair share already.

So, kudo’s to Edward’s Topical Band of Censorship. 

I also promise to update this a little more regularly. 


OH! Update your bookmarks to include .wordpress.com after LNAP because I can’t afford/be bothered to pay for the domain… yet.


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March 20, 2009 at 2:48 am

Boombox’s for the MP3 Generation + Trackside 2008

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Nathan hooked me up with a link to Lyle Owerko today. Safe to say I haven’t been this impressed and moved by a photographer in a long long time. Oh how I miss the mighty boombox.

He’s even got a nifty music blog too!

I didn’t know someone who makes such awesome dubstep would keep calling them ‘tunes’ all the time. He better win the Mercury.

You’ll be as pleased as I am to know Dan Boud is back! Check out his Splendour photos on his flickr, because they’re rad. Here’s my favourite.

Trackside lineup has been posted on their Facebook page.


Not bad. Good lineup for inbetween Stonefest and Foreshore. All we need is Midnight Juggernauts to play Stonefest and the Holy Trinity of Australian Nu-Rave Electro would be playing the three festivals. Good to see Sparkadia, bluejuice, Little Red, and Los Cap on the lineup.

Boresnore 08

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Straight up, that was harsh.

This isn’t any Groanfest. In fact, I’m already having a kitten or nine about this lineup.

The Presets (Live)
The Galvatrons (Live)
Nick Warren (‘Way Out West, UK)
16 Bit Lolitas (Holland)
Skool Of Thought (UK)
Kazu Kimura (Japan)
Mission Control (Live)
Doom & Hoodrat (Bang Gang)
The Stafford Brothers
Bass Kleph (Helium, Vacation Records)
Axe Aklins (Live)

Mostly just because of The Presets. Happy, HAPPY, days.

Oh, and The Galvatrons? Makes sense, but I didn’t see it coming. They’ll be in Canberra twice in the month. Once doing this, but at the other end of the scale, supporting Cheap Trick and Def Leppard. Can I wear my leathers and spandex to Foreshore and not expect to be beaten up by a Mooseheads Meathead in a fluro shirt? Only time will tell.


And on that note, fluro is long over. Canberra, wake the goddamn motherfuck up! Gone. Done. As a trend, it was old and busted by the time someone here found out about it. Stop it. Please, just stop.

Assorted Stuff…

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One and a half decades, millions of dollars in any currency, corn rows, band members coming and going to the point where it seems an original lineup reunion is even likely (thankyou Scott Weiland), Dr Pepper, leaked tracks, and now the FBIChinese Democracy is still as laughable as ever.

I’ll buy it though. Actually, only if every song is like this. Fuck, that original version in the background is AWFUL. Maybe I won’t buy it.

Standing on bright green amps is awesome! I should start skating again just for this sort of stuff…

These photos are rad. Check out the Presets and Muse photos for something a bit different to what we in Australia see of these bands (Muse on a tiny stage?)… If only I could link straight to the one of Kim and Julian and the ‘No Dancing” sign in the background… You go find it!

Is anyone trying to sell a turntable? I have way too much vinyl and nothing to play it on. The free-er the better.

Insight last night had a good program about censorship and photography. Anything with David Marr is good as far as I’m concerned.

Things sounds better with earplugs. I’ve read a fair few reviews around the place, and I’m hoping for a tour announcement asap… Really hoping.

Review: The Presets, Cassette Kids at The Forum, Melbs 21/06/08

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Myself and Nath (who you’ll hear from soon) had a joint birthday party at The Presets gig last night. Holy shit, electro dance fun-derland! I think I’m still drunk writing this (I’m either that or early stage hungover, or both. Probably both) so bear with me…

When I turned up bang on 830, Cassette Kids were already playing so I rushed inside and got close to the front because they’re rad and their lead singer is pretty hot (if you ever read this, call me!). The last time I saw these guys was supporting Operator Please and that was in.. December maybe? Anyways, since last time, it looks like they’ve had a cash injection because in the 6 months they’ve:

1. Upgraded their equipment substantially (Ampeg amps, Fender Jag bass, and Rickenbacker guitars… I’m more jealous than anything else)

2. Brought out some merch.

3. Brought out an EP, which I forgot to buy last night, but ‘reviewers’ do their best work for free, so somebody hook me up…

I’m not complaining though. It’s good these guys are getting it over some other run of the mill post punk band. They’re making some pretty interesting noises with this new equipment, so, kudo’s? Who knows. Also when I saw them last I asked the guitarist if they had an EP, and it was all myspace at that time, so hard work pays off kids! Forum supporting Presets too, is a bit bigger than ANU (small setup) supporting Operator Please.

No offence to the ANU…

So… Presets… Pink blazers, beats-a-palooza, something else happened… I won’t lie, by this time I was sitting on the seats drunkenly trying my hardest to keep up with Kim’s open hat so I couldn’t tell you all the songs they played, but all your favourite Triple J and commercial fodder was there. Kicking and Screaming into My People was awesome though. The more bands that play album tracks sequentially like that, the better. Queens doing Feelgood into Lost Art at V Fest? *hip thrust* That was Melbourne too, maybe it’s a Melbourne thing…

After My People there was the encore (why do bands still do encores? The houselights aren’t on, we all know you’re coming back. Just play the two extra songs so we can all get to the bar/home/laid/backstage/toilet/church quicker dammit…) Um, I lost my punctuation there, so after the encore there were lasers for Anywhere (I think it was Anywhere) and it was like Tool all over again… Rad!

So I can’t remember many tracks, but just going through itunes I can remember they played pretty much all of Apocalyspo, and probably most of Beams… This remembering exercise ain’t working…

House party afterwards was fun too. Who’d have thought there’d be more people there from Iceland (per capita) than Canberra? Crazy.

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June 22, 2008 at 1:37 am


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Assuming the weather gets better, this will be an alright holiday.

Black Keys tonight

Presets on Saturday.

St Jerome’s drinks soon…

I’ll see if I can post up some ‘reviews’ of the gigs, because I gotta talk about something right?


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June 19, 2008 at 7:34 am